Here is a collection of 10 cool pictures of amazing custom guitars. These string instruments combine weird and wonderful designs with playability. This collection pays homage to the guitar whilst demonstrating how much imagination and creativity some people possess.

1. Bigfoot Guitar

This guitar was created by George Marlin and was strummed on stage by it’s creator at the Miami Beach Guitar Festival Sunday in 2008.

2. Emerald Bahamut Guitar

This guitar not only looks amazing but it can stand up on its own two feet. This incredible creation is the latest guitar from Emerald Guitars Custom Shop which is a Dragon called Bahamut. Taiwanese owner Lee Hom ordered this guitar as a special center piece for his world tour.

The body is a Chinese dragon that is twisted into the shape of a treble cleff and to top it all off another little dragon was added on the headstock. The body is hand shaped out of a special foam and then covered in carbon fibre to keep it both light and strong. The body is then completed with a special chrome paint that gives a beautiful metal look. Of course there always has to be a little something extra and in this case it is the red lasers in the eyes. On stage with some smoke these just look amazing.

3. Dragon Guitar

This custom instrument is the property of Ed Young. It started out as a mahogany body Epiphone G-400 and was commissioned to display with Ed’s exquisite show bike “The Red Dragon”.

4. Twin 1 Guitar

This piece was created by Hembry Guitars and was designed on one of the famous pictures of a Pompei victim’s remains. This particlar guitar was originally built as a loaner to Coffin Case for the winter NAMM 2008.

5. His And Hers Egyptian Guitars

These egyptian themed custom guitars were created by Basone Guitars, located in Vancover, BC.

6. Fitgi Saint-Louis Guitar

New York-based designer Fitgi Saint-Louis used the parts from one of Les Paul’s guitars along with a handful of parts from junked bicycles to create what is undoubtedly one of the most unique guitars we have ever seen.

7. Millennium Falcon Guitar

This is a custom electric guitar pieced together by Youtuber fiskybusiness89 out of a plastic Millennium Falcon toy. The R2-D2 head stock is handmade and what makes this guitar really cool is that the hyperdrive engine lights up and it even comes with Star Wars sound effects.

8. ESP Angel Sword Guitar

The Angel Sword Guitar was handcrafted in the ESP custom shop, it was designed & built for Takamizawa the guitar player for Japan band “The Alfee”.

9. JC Harper Stormbringer

Don’t have a lot of info on this other than it’s name but boy does it look lethal!

10. Snake Guitar

This a cool custom guitar with a snake theme but not sure why it has a foot. Anybody got any ideas?


Well thats our list of 10 amazing guitars, which did you like the most? Being a Star Wars fan I have to go with the Millennium Falcon.