Your Elderly Mother Could be Suffering: The Culprits of Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Over the last few years, incidents of sexual abuse in the nursing homes have dominated the social media, mainstream media, and across the streets.

It is no longer a secret that your old mother could be experiencing horror situations in the nursing home, where you thought that she could find refuge. Elderly nursing home residents are considered vulnerable to sexual abuse because they are weak and defenseless.

Medical research show that nursing home occupants might also be easy targets by sex predators, especially if they had a medical condition that caused them to lose their speech. They might not be able to speak once they are sexually assaulted. As a matter of fact, most of the nursing home residents have been found to be weak, defenseless, and lacking motor skills.

According to Strom & Associates, sexual abuse in nursing homes includes a variety of acts of omission or commission such as viewing pornographic materials, sexual assault, rape and inappropriate touching.

If your mother has reported such an occurrence, you need to take an immediate action because she is being sexually abused. There are other aspects that constitute sexual abuse in nursing homes such as sexual coercion, rape, sodomy, and sexual harassment among others. If your elderly mother is reporting such incidents to have been forced on her, it is high-time you sought the assistance of an attorney.

However, you might not have the accused in your case, especially when your mother’s eyes have inability to see clearly or she has lost memory. There are several categories of sex predators that you are likely to sue. Some of them have been discussed in this informative article.

Abuse by another Resident

In most cases, males and female residents are grouped together in nursing homes. This leads to a situation where sexual abuse is likely to be prevalent. Weak and defenseless residents, especially those with extreme physical or mental problems are prone to sexual abuse by their male counterparts.

In such situations, nursing homes can be held liable because they failed to supervise the actions of their residents. It is the role of nursing homes to supervise their residents and limit such cases. Moreover, nursing homes should have trained members of staff who can manage to detect and prevent incidences of sexual abuse at an early stage.

Abuse by Staff Members

Most of the nursing homes don’t conduct background check before hiring an individual. Therefore, some of the staff members cannot be trusted and turn out to be sex offenders. Employees have opportunities for sexual abuse, especially when they are performing their normal duties such as bathing and dressing the residents.

Currently, there are many cases in courts where nursing homes have been accused of negligence after they failed to screen their employees. Nursing homes also need to supervise their employees, especially those who have been previously reported to be on the sexual offenders’ list. Nursing homes also need to train their employees on how to handle their residents and prevent incidences of sexual abuse.

Abuse by a Stranger

Some nursing homes lack the necessary security measures, which means that strangers can enter and leave with ease. Therefore, nursing homes should make sure they offer adequate security to their residents to avoid sexual abuse by strangers. A considerable number of nursing homes have faced closer threats from the local authorities after they were found to have considerable weaknesses in their security systems.

A nursing home should have a physical perimeter wall and a manned gate. Moreover, all the members of staff should be instructed to remain vigilant and lock the doors when they move out for break. Any person entering the home should be authorized by security personnel.

Abuse by Family Members

Across the United States, nursing homes have been found liable for negligence after they failed to report sexual abuse by a family member. Most of them have justified their innocence by highlighting that some of the cases reported involved legally married couples. However, when the plaintiff is not in the right state of mind, any form of sexual acts performed on them amounts to sexual abuse.