Your Best Guide to Shipping Packages from the UK to Anywhere in the World

If your business is involved in the shipping of parcels or packages to various international destinations, you have some options for the proper shipping and transport of your packages.

For instance, you can go for air freight services, courier services, or sea freight services, but you have other considerations as well, especially when it comes to international shipping. For instance, which is the best method or service for international shipping? How can you determine which shipping method is best for your needs? If you want to make the most of international shipping and want to be guaranteed the best service, here’s your best guide to shipping packages from the UK to anywhere in the world.

Your shipping options

* By courier

Your first option in regard to shipping internationally would be by courier. You are probably most familiar with courier services, anyway. Some of the most popular and most reliable courier services would, of course, be couriers such as UPS and FedEx. These courier services deliver straight to the door, and their method of delivery is fast as well. Courier services are actually a good choice if you are planning to ship small items or items of a small quantity, such as gifts or giveaways which are in sturdy white postal boxes (which are ideal for international shipments as well). If you are shipping items which are less than 100 kilograms in weight, a courier service may be ideal.

* By air freight

Air freight is another option for international shipping; it is simply a means of transporting goods from one location or place to another by aeroplane. This method is fast as well, and if you find an excellent service provider and are planning to transport a good number of packages or parcels, you may be able to get some significant discounts. An air freight service may be a suitable option if you are shipping items above 100 kilograms in weight but need to ship them quickly.

* By sea freight

Sea freight is another way of shipping internationally, and although it’s the cheapest and least expensive of the three, it’s not the fastest method. If you aren’t in a hurry to ship your goods or packages or are trying to send big or large items, then the sea freight method may be a good choice for you.

How To Determine Which Method Is Best

When you are deciding which method is best for your needs, there are a few factors you need to consider. For one, you would need to think about the price – an essential consideration. Remember, sea freight may be the cheapest, but it is the slowest.

Couriers may be expensive (it may cost as much as four times more than a sea freight service), but it delivers straight to the door. Another factor you need to consider would be the size of your items or parcels. For instance, no matter what shipping method you choose, the size of your parcel or package will be a good determinant of the price. If your parcels are too large, air freight or courier services may become too expensive, but it doesn’t make sense to use sea freight if your packages are less than 100 kg or not more than 0.5 cubic metres in size.

The amount of time you need to have your goods shipped also makes a difference. For instance, shipping by sea freight to a country like China can take as much as seven weeks, whilst a courier service can get your goods to China in as little as three days. For this, you really have to make a careful decision.

Yet another factor would be the kind of service you are looking for or want. The services between each method can also vary. For example, courier services are easier to use since their services can be more personalised and are more focused on the customer. But whilst sea freight and air freight services are also relatively simple to use, you need to make sure that the company handling your shipment knows how to take care of it and can guarantee that it goes through customs in the proper manner.

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