With So Many Calling Apps Readily Available, Do Any of Us Use Our ‘Minutes’ Anymore?

The way in which we communicate has changed dramatically over the years. At one time, all we had were landlines to call our loved ones. However, after the launch of the Smartphone, a vast number of communication channels opened up.

It started with free minute plans. Allowing us to chat for free for a specific number of minutes, call plans became a huge deal. Then, as technology advanced, more lines of free communication became available. Now, there’s social media chat and apps which let you chat for free, over the internet. So, with so many free methods of communication available, do any of us really use our free minutes anymore?

Are free minute plans obsolete?

Although internet-based call apps and technology have certainly reduced the need for free minute plans, they haven’t quite made them obsolete just yet. Phone calls are still more professional than using free apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, although the latter is great for video calls.

The call quality of free call apps isn’t always great either. So, while it may be a good option for those looking to catch up with friends and family, for business users, they aren’t always ideal. So, free minute plans are still useful when you compare them to the many free chat apps available.

Understanding Wi-Fi calling

As well as free chat and call aps such as WhatsApp, many mobile phone network operators have introduced their own Wi-Fi calling apps. These are designed to let the user make phone calls when they have little to no network signal.

Making calls via Wi-Fi offers the same level of quality as a standard phone call, only it can be much more convenient when you live in a mobile signal blackspot.

VOIP for business

As mentioned earlier, free chat apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime aren’t really ideal for businesses. However, there is another option over standard calls. VOIP for business is quickly becoming a popular option.

Reliable, affordable and easy to use, VOIP for business through companies such as Redcentric, is a great IP telephony solution. It can be customised to suit each business too.

As you can see, you have a lot of options available to you today when you want to communicate with friends, family or colleagues. Each has it’s own benefits so it’s worth looking into each of the options above to determine which is right for you.