More than 2/3 of the Championship season has already passed, and one of the main contenders for the promotion in class is Sheffield united. The unique team is well known to English fans. Already this summer, the team will be quite capable of making a return to the elite division.

In the current season, the competition in the Championship is very serious. It will be extremely difficult to catch up with Norwich and Leeds, because both teams managed to ensure a good point gap. But thanks to the selfless game, Sheffield is not far behind. Moreover, the team demonstrates a bright and attacking football, which fans like so much.

Today, Sheffield united’s right for mistakes is slimmimg to none, and if the team counts on the promotion in class, it is necessary to show their skills here and today.

The team’s trumps include:

1. Long bench.
Due to this, the coach can make quick rotations and give rest to the main leaders of the club.

2. Individual skills of the players.
Some players can decide the outcome of a match by themselves.

3. Tactical flexibility.
All these will allow the club to maintain quite good chances for an upgrade in the class.

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Sheffield will have hard times, since the teams fighting for getting to the Premier League, are of approximately similar class. That is why we can assume that the intrigue in the standings will be maintained until the very last round. Remember that only the first 2 positions guarantee a direct ticket to the elite division. The teams at positions from 3 to 6 must play against each other in the playoffs.

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