Why You Need To Visit a Vanuatu Resort

While it might not be one of the most well-known stop among the Pacific Islands, you’re really missing out if you haven’t seen what amazing things this island paradise has to offer.

Featuring over 80 islands, this Pacific nation has really flourished in recent years and it isn’t hard to see why. Multiple islands offer amazing sights, friendly locals, and experiences that aren’t going to be commonly found elsewhere.

In other words, it really is the complete package.

Why Vanuatu?

Vanuatu resorts never disappoint! Many of the most famous pictures of beaches, crystal clear waters, and beach resorts are actually located in this island chain. Port Villa, Tanna, Espiritu Santo, and Efate are all famous for what they offer with each island having its own quirks, special things to do, and experi-ences that visitors will love. Many visits to Vanuatu will involve island hopping between two or three of them although some people absolutely adore one island so much it is the one they will keep returning to!

Port Vila

The capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila is the main hub of Vanuatu, located on Efate Island and the base for many of the best diving and fishing expeditions around as well as trips to the Mele Cascades waterfalls. The National Museum of Vanuatu has located here as well as a variety of other points of interest.


Tanna is home to the famous Mount Yasur, an active volcano that often has lava fissures and you can even hike very close to despite it being active. There are very pleasant hot springs on the island, and there are some amazing coral reef dives around this island. A traditional village is also here, allowing a glimpse into how life was in all the islands hundreds of years ago before and they are very friendly when visitors arrive.

Blue Lagoons

Vanuatu is famous for its blue lagoons. These are bodies of water cut off from the ocean or tributaries that are in the middle of these islands, often deep, and just a stunning and unique blue watering hole. These are great for swimming, produce absolutely incredible pictures, and really bring out the best in an area.

A Vacation All About You

What is your idea of a dream vacation in the Pacific? Is it laying out on resort beaches with a mixed drink in hand? Hiking through stunningly beautiful island landscapes? Exploring local laid back towns and vil-lages or learning about local history through interesting interactive museums?

All of these are completely viable options when you visit Vanuatu and by staying at a high quality, the high-class resort you will have local knowledge that can point you to the places and experience that help you make it the perfect Pacific holiday specifically for you.