Why Use a Travel Agent? 9 Reasons Why Travel Agents Are Awesome

Why use a travel agent? Because they can take your vacation from ordinary to extraordinary! Read on to learn all about it.

Flights. Hotels. Rental cars. Activities at your destination. If the thought of planning all of this for your upcoming vacation is overwhelming, you should consider using a travel agent to help plan your trip.

Before you shut down the idea, thinking “this vacation is going to cost enough, I don’t want to pay someone to plan,” think again. Travel agents are free to you. Yes, that’s right. Free. We’ll talk more about that below, but a free service to plan your trip? Where could you go wrong?

Keep reading to learn more about this service and other reasons to answer the question “why use a travel agent?”

Why Use a Travel Agent?

The better question is why not use a travel agent? Travel agents get paid a commission from the hotels, car rental companies, airlines, and other excursions where you book. Some might charge a small fee (think $150-$300 upfront) to research and plan your itinerary, but you get that back when you actually book.

This service is invaluable. Let someone else handle the stress of planning for you. It’s hard to justify why you wouldn’t use a travel agent, right?

1. Convenience

Do you really have time to plan an entire vacation, from transportation to hotels to excursions to passports and visas, if necessary? You don’t want to stress out so much planning the trip that you’re exhausted when you get there.

A travel agent will handle all of this for you. From helping you decide on a destination to booking everything for you to managing any issues that come up while on the trip, a travel agent can reduce your stress.

2. They Have Resources You Don’t

A travel agency has connections and resources that we as average consumers don’t usually have. They might be able to get you an upgraded seat on a flight, special accommodations or amenities at a hotel, room upgrades, or the best tickets to different shows or activities you might be interested in.

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, travel agents have the resources and connections to make that happen. Their many experiences can help make your trip smoother as well.

3. …And Experiences You Don’t

One of the perks of being a travel agent is that they often get to travel to different destinations to experience the hotels, new resorts, or activities being offered. If there’s something you want to do, there’s a good chance that your travel agent has already taken that trip and has the experience with it to plan your own trip.

They are constantly traveling and researching the places they offer trips to and checking out new locations. Consider them insiders to these locations with tips, tricks, and information you might not find anywhere else.

4. They Have Your Back

Ever experienced a travel delay that made you miss your connecting flight? Gotten to a hotel who has mysteriously lost your reservation? Lost your ID or passport while in a foreign country?

Sure, you could deal with these highly stressful situations on your own. Or, you could have a professional, with connections and resources, deal with them for you. Travel agents will have your itinerary and be able to handle any hiccups with your flights, reservations, and helping you get back home.

5. They May Have Special Access

Hotels, resorts, and cruise lines typically get most of their customers through travel agents, so it’s only fitting that they often reward their top agents with perks that they can then pass on to you.

Not only that, they often have special access to excursions or experiences that only seasons travel agents with close working relationships with hotels, resorts, and cruise lines have.

6. They Have Insider Information

Travel agents know the best times to go to certain destinations, when to avoid them, and tips and tricks to get there. Sure, you could find a lot of this information online, but why waste your time and energy looking for it when a professional already has all of this knowledge? They’re also in the know about the hottest up-and-coming destinations and can get you booked on a vacation before a location becomes overrun with tourists and other travelers.

7. They Can Save You Money

Even if your travel agent charges a fee, you’re going to make that up with all of the extras you get from booking with them. They often have access to special discounts, know the best time to book, and can help you avoid fees and upcharges for travel, accommodations, and experiences.

Their business relationships also might allow them to pass some of these discounts on to you and your family and friends.

8. They Are Experts

There are lots of things we can do ourselves, but why not pay an expert to do it for us? We can cook dinner at home, but we still go out to eat. Why? Because sometimes dinner is just better when someone else makes it (and cleans up afterward). Travel agents are the same!

9. You Can Build a Relationship

After you book a few trips with a travel agent, they’ll start to know your travel preferences and can anticipate your needs before you even realize you need certain things.

You might even build such a trusting relationship that you can give them a few basic parameters and they know you well enough to build an amazing itinerary that you’ll love.

Ready to Start Planning?

Are you convinced yet? Now that you know why to use a travel agent, what are you waiting for? Decide on when and where your next vacation is going to be and find a travel agent to get it planned for you. Not sure where to go? Check out some of our other posts for amazing destinations like a German fairy-tale town, the Middle East, or the pyramids of Giza.