Why are automatic gates made of aluminium? Aluminium gates are sturdy, attractive, and resistant to decay or rust. It’s one of Mother Nature’s wonder materials, but it’s also lightweight and simple to cut and form. It may be welded, bonded, riveted, or fastened together, and it has a long life span with little to

There are a variety of different paints and stains available for aluminum gates, as well as various beautiful wood patterns.

Why Choose Aluminium for your automatic gates?

Aluminium may be cut, moulded, and put together to resemble a high-quality wooden or steel gate. Various full-grain wood textures and steel and iron paint finishes are available in a variety of RAL colours including grey, green, white, blue, and black.

Aluminium gates will not rust, rot, bend or distort, and they need only a light clean with water on a regular basis to keep their lustre.

Longevity of aluminium gates

StarGates aluminium gates come with a finish coating that provides the finished design and appearance of your pick, while also providing an extremely durable protective layer. These paints all pass the stringent Qualicoat quality standard for aluminium paint coatings. Consequently, StarGates aluminium fences come with a ten-year warranty.

Safety & Strength of the gate

The lightweight nature of aluminium makes it easier to lift, allowing for less force from your gate motors to open and shut the gates.

With the same weight, aluminium alloys are lightweight and robust, making them stronger than steel or wood gates.

Price of aluminium gates

Aluminium gates are one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting gate materials available, according to longevity, low maintenance and purchase price.

Why aluminium is the best choice for automatic gates

On a material level, aluminium has the following advantages over other options for gates: It is lightweight, sturdy, and rust resistant. Unlike wood, it does not require regular maintenance to preserve its natural beauty. Wooden gates must be surface aged and new varnishes, preservatives, or paint applied on a regular basis to maintain their good looks.

Metal or iron gate hardware may also rust and require maintenance. Because wood can twist, split, decay, and warp, it’s difficult to open or close your gates. Iron and steel fasteners are

frequently used on wooden gates, and they must be oiled or greased to allow them to freely move. At the same time, fresh paint is often applied.

Steel and iron gates have intricate patterns that make them difficult to clean and maintain. In comparison with aluminium, steel and iron add significantly more weight to a gate, necessitating stronger hardware in installation.

More powerful motors are required when automating heavier gates since they require more electricity. aluminium automated gates are also safer since the lighter weight reduces the amount of force needed to open and close them. In other words, aluminium is a great material for manual or automatic gates.

So why not consider the best alternative to traditional gate materials that will cost about the same, look as good, need little maintenance, and require practically no upkeep?