Why Buy from Car Dealerships in Webster, NY, Than from a Private Seller

Making the decision of buying a car whether from a car dealership or a private seller can be challenging. Many people think that buying from a private seller can give them a better deal because of the low price.

However, there are other things to consider than just a car’s price. Buying from a car dealership in Webster, NY, such as Vision Nissan Webster comes with more perks. Consider the following advantages.


When buying a used car, you should consider not only the outer appearance of the car but also what’s under the hood. Among the most expensive and most difficult to repair are those car parts that are not immediately visible unless you’re a mechanic and you know what to look for. Private sellers may not disclose or may not even be aware of possible issues in the car.

However, all used cars under car dealerships are given a thorough inspection regardless if they still come with a warranty or not. These inspections are performed to make sure that the vehicle will serve the buyer well. If the car dealership finds that a used car is not good enough, it will be sent to auction to get rid of it.


A used car from a private seller doesn’t come with a warranty, and this is something to ponder upon in choosing where to buy your car.

When you purchase a used car from a car dealership, the vehicle is covered by a statutory warranty. This guarantees that defects found after purchasing the car will be repaired for free if this happens within the given warranty period. Car dealerships may also provide additional warranties, which can be useful and comforting if you plan to purchase a used car.


Used cars that are older than 5 years need a vehicle safety inspection or roadworthy certificate. This certification ensures that the vehicle passed minimum standards in safety inspection, including steering, tires, suspension, brakes, windscreen, and lights operation.

When buying from a car dealership, you can be assured of a car’s roadworthiness, which may be absent in a private car seller.

Vehicle History

If you purchase from a private car seller, he is the single source of information about the car. Take note that the seller has only one goal, which is to make a sale. Although there might be exceptions, most sellers will try to claim that the car is in perfect condition and will avoid telling you about its flood damage, accidents, or repairs. Others may even be dishonest in telling you how many owners the car has had.

Car dealerships, on the other hand, are obliged to share all the information about the car. They can do this by giving you a detailed vehicle history, including past repairs and change of owners. A car dealership needs to be honest about the cars they sell as their reputation highly depends on the satisfaction of their customers.

Tax Benefits

Many consumers don’t know that they can buy a car from a car dealership and have their existing car traded in for the purchase to enjoy trade-in tax benefits. This tax savings can usually save you hundreds of dollars. However, you don’t enjoy this benefit when you buy from a private seller.

Financing Options

You’ll have limited options in paying for a car you purchase from a private seller. Most likely, you’ll only be able to pay using your personal bank or cash with this option. But car dealerships can help find the best loan from various lenders that they partner with.

If you plan not to pay in full cash for a used vehicle, then it would be an excellent choice to purchase from a car dealership. You should be given financing options that will allow you to spread out payments in a given time.


In a private purchase, the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the title is completed, plus taxes should be paid accordingly. In a car dealership sale, the dealer takes care of these transactions for you. You’ll only have to wait for their registration in the mail after paying for the license plates.


Private sellers may have a limited number of cars for sale, but car dealerships can show you a broad range of choices. If you’re unsure of what car to buy, it could be helpful to see varied options. This is advantageous if you have a particular car brand in mind and you want to explore other models under its name.

Closing Thoughts

When purchasing a car, you can generally trust car dealerships to give you more options over private sellers. Private sales may offer a lower price on cars, but the sticker tag should not be your only consideration. Safety and warranty should also be included in your priorities in buying a car.