Why Blue & Rainbow Unicorn Onesies Are Favourites For Adults & Kids Alike?

Coming to the heart and soul of this article, it is very important to know the meanings of certain terms around which this article revolves.

The first of them being “unicorn” stands for an imaginary white animal, who has significant sim-ilarities with a horse, with the only difference being the presence of a horn projecting forward on its head and a pair of wings, giving the figure a mythical touch.

Next comes “onesie”, which is a colloquial term used for casually worn jumpsuits. Initially, they were meant for infant garments. But when the com-fort and style carried by this garment got discovered, adults embraced them like no other garment before. As being draped in multi-colours is a trend these days for almost all age groups, a Rainbow unicorn onesie is highly pop-ular these days.

Choice of onesies is a very important affair as far as the people who need them are concerned. And when it comes to babies, it is far more important than it seems to be. Starting from fabric to the shape, everything matters for a baby. Coming to the choice of colours, let us look at the paradoxical similari-ties in choices of unicorn onesies made by adults and kids—

1) Comfort level:

From kids to adults, onesies are a favourite of all. This is because; this fluffy garment acts as a protective blanket in many cases, especially in adven-turous sports like skiing. As a result, onesies are very popular in snowy areas and temperate countries. Children love to jump around with this garment cov-ering themselves from head to toe.

Different ideas of games pop up among the children from the very idea of this garment. The funniest of them is by startling someone all of a sudden coming from behind, or playing mischief by scaring a buddy at night with the yardstick of shadow movement. Adults also find them very comfortable and use them as casual wears and in some cases the most primary winter garments.

2) Flexibility:

While children choose to jump around and play various games wearing these unicorn onesies, adults also sometimes visit house parties and little get-to-gethers and picnics dressed in onesies. This gives the overall event a differ-ent ambience altogether. From shaking legs at the pubs to playing musical chairs in picnics, onesies have immense flexibility to offer.

3) Colour:

As the title says, we are here to talk especially about the preferences of blue and rainbow coloured unicorn onesies as compared to other shades. Earlier we had a preconceived notion that pink is the colour of the lass and blue is the shade of the lad. But things are changing with time. Blue is preferred more maybe because kids can relate more to the image of a unicorn that they have in their mind through that colour.

The divine creature who can suddenly appear from nowhere and fly to form a black shadow on the moon with sparkling stardust—what more does a kid dream of a unicorn at night? Hence blue becomes their choice automatically. And as far as adults are concerned, blue can play both casual and formal.

Coming to the rainbow, children find the overall idea of rainbow very exciting as it is not an everyday affair on the sky. Moreover, the presence of different shades of colours on the same garment adds to the vivacity of the children viewing them or wearing them.

In quite a similar way, adults find them interesting as they can go with a wide range of accessories and maybe they can offer a good trip down memory lane to the childhood days.


Once people learn to embrace comfort in the name of fashion, nothing stands to be awkward at all. Unicorn onesies are definitely one of the most comforta-ble and protective garments one can ever think of