When you’re accused of a crime, your first thought is to call a criminal lawyer for support.

Some people mistakenly think that contacting a lawyer is proof that they are guilty. Consequently, they are unaware that their rights have already been infringed upon while they are being questioned and processed.

When you stand accused, you should call a New York City Criminal Lawyer right away. You’re not required to say anything to the police other than the demand that you call your attorney. That is your fundamental right as enshrined in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution. You have the fundamental right to counsel in case of a criminal proceeding.

When Should I Call a Lawyer?

If you get accused of committing a misdemeanor or felony, contact a defense attorney right away. Misdemeanors are crimes that carry a jail term of less than a year, community service, probation, or a fine.

A felony, meanwhile, is a grave offense. These crimes typically carry a penalty of more than a year, along with a hefty fine.

Here are some examples of felony cases:

➢ Murder and homicide

➢ Manslaughter

➢ Rape

➢ Treason

➢ Kidnapping

➢ Robbery and burglary

➢ Grand theft auto

➢ Grand larceny

Among the examples of misdemeanor cases are:

➢ Prostitution and soliciting an officer

➢ Simple assault

➢ Trespassing

➢ Petty theft

➢ Reckless driving

➢ Disorderly conduct

➢ Public intoxication

➢ Marijuana possession

These are by no means the complete list, which only highlights why you need an attorney by your side after you are read your Miranda Rights.

But Wouldn’t Hiring a Lawyer Prove that I am Guilty?

No, it is a matter of formality. For instance, according to the New York Police Department, there were almost 100,000 cases of major felonies committed in NYC for 2018. These are murder and manslaughter, rape, felony assault, robbery, grand larceny, theft of a motor vehicle, and burglary. Of the thousands of cases the NYPD deals with each year, they come across lawyers almost every time. They will even advise you to get one. Likewise, when a police officer is the one accused, they will contact a New York City Criminal Lawyer immediately.

It’s only in rare cases where the police abuse their power and manipulate the suspect into admitting to the crime for a lesser charge.

Here’s a secret for you: Nobody likes to go to court. Even police officers loathe the whole process. There is a lot of paperwork to prepare, and they can be called to testify. Testifying takes a lot of their time—it’s time that they would have spent with their families or closing other important cases.

Still, even police officers with the best of intentions can make a mistake of convincing the suspect of making a deal, even if it’s against their best interest.

Hence, a criminal defense lawyer, if you bring them early enough, can help resolve the issue even before the charge gets filed. That saves a lot of grief for everybody, especially for the defendant. Not only will defending yourself in a case be expensive, but a criminal record will close a lot of doors for you.