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Do you have dog hair absolutely everywhere? Wondering why do dogs shed anyway? Find out the answer, as well as what you can do to minimize shedding.

Unfortunately, unless you have a hairless dog, you will experience shedding and finding your dog’s hair in multiple places around your home. But why do dogs shed?

There are many things that cause dogs to shed. Luckily, there are various ways to remedy excessive shedding.

Read on, because in this article, we’re going to give you all of the information you need to get a firm grasp on your dog’s shedding.

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Much like human hair, dog hair is continuously growing. And when old follicles break off from new follicles, it’s known as shedding.

Dogs go through the same process. Their fur grows in a natural growth cycle, and as the new fur is grown, the old fur will be shed.

The benefit of fur for dogs is that it helps to regulate their inner body temperature. Therefore, dogs will shed accordingly based on the environment that they are in. Your dog may shed more or shed less, depending on its surroundings as well as the time of year.

How You Can Manage Dog Shedding

The best way to control your dog’s shedding is to groom them regularly. Regular grooming can maintain not only your dog’s coat but also their nails and teeth.

When you are grooming your animal, give them a bath to moisturize their coat. Moisturizing their coat can induce shedding because the dog is more likely to scratch its coat.

After you’ve washed your dog, brush its coat. Brushing your dog’s coat will remove all of the loose and dead hairs that are still clinging to its coat. Depending on the time of year, you may need to brush your dog more than usual.

At a pet shop, you can purchase many tools that make it easier to remove all of the hair from your dog’s fur. However, when you find yourself wondering about how to manage dog shedding, read the tips mentioned above.

Cleaning up Dog

Fur There are several ways to clean up the fur that your pet has shed. The first way to clean it up is to use your broom and sweep it all up. However, if you’re finding your dog’s hair on your sofa or stuck in your carpet, the best method of cleaning it up is by using your vacuum.

After you’ve cleaned up your dog’s fur, ensure that you empty the container so it’s ready to be used during your next cleanup session.

You can also use a sponge to clean up all of those pesky hairs left behind on your furniture and tiles, or you can opt for a lint roller. The same way that dust sticks to the paper is the same way that the fur will adhere to the roller.

Shedding Maintained

When you think about the question “Why do dogs shed?”, it’s essential to understand that dogs shed hair follicles in cycles just like humans do. Except a dog’s hair helps the animal maintain its temperature.

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