The task of commuting is never simple. Wherever you go, goes your baggage….and right now, we are not talking about the emotional one. It is very important to manage your belongings in the time of transit.

Even though you might have your privately owned car, it might get a bit stressful and chaotic when you choose to shift by taking its help. When it comes to changing your permanent address carrying and managing your belongings one hell of a task.

Let’s look at the other side of it, if you are a business owner, dealing with supply of large and bulky items, you would have surely heard of Van Hire for transportation purposes.

Either for work or for play, two answers to the question of why you would require a van hire. A big vehicle such as a van hire provides the driver, the passengers as well as the items being transferred a sense of comfort, convenience and safety.

For adventure or leisure or simply living the nomad’s life, many people rent or lease a camping van. These van hires provide on-board toilet and shower ranges. They also come with many types of occupancies – from a single berth (that can accommodate one adult) to six berths.

The camp van hire ranges from economy to luxury classes – personalised according to the taste and budget of the customers.

Luxurious a van hires come with superior fixtures and are less than two-year-old vehicles. These also provide extras for a comfortable holiday.

Premium Economy van hire ranges provide comfort at vaguely affordable rates, with vehicles less than two years old.

For a cheaper ride, economy classes in the van hire section are great for trips on a budget. However, these vans are three to five years old and do not come with extra bedding as a standard. Extra bedding can be hired and charged separately.

Whereas, when a customer opts for van hire for moving or shifting, he or she has two questions in mind: First, What details do I have to pay attention to beforehand? And second, how will the total experience turn out for me?

To answer your questions, you need to first select your purpose i.e., ‘Why’ exactly do you need a van hires?

If your answer is ‘serious shifting’, then do consider these options:

2WD Toyota Hiace LWB Van

Toyota would have shipped over 335,000 HiAce vans and buses to Australian customers since it first went on sale before the last of the previous-generation HiAce finding a new home in Australia.

The HiAce still consistently retained the top sales spot, despite its age, in a market where its rivals had moved well and truly on. The van has a Cargo Area of 1300W x 2870 L x 1500H.

Toyota has launched HiAce with three variants – the Long Wheelbase (LWB), Super Long Wheelbase (SLWB) and Commuter, along with two engines and two gearboxes alternatives.

To go on with your proposed journey that might stretch to miles, the vehicle gives a win-win to you as well as the road. Various companies like ‘Complete Ute and Van hire’ give the users many perks along with their service.

Fully serviced and maintained, they provide their vehicles with a full tank of fuel that you have to courteously fill up again while returning. Additionally, the insurance amount is included in their rental/lease rates.


The intermediate van, comes with a 1500 kg capacity, is automatic, seats two people and has tray dimensions of 3m (L) x 1.7m (W) x 2.3m (H). The Ford Transit may not be a top-seller in Australia but its name is synonymous with the business van industry.

There’s a lot of accommodation, too: under the two-person bench, there’s a big bin to its credit, plus bottle holders in the doors and next to the knees of the front passengers, cup-holders beside the outer vents, open cubbies above the dash, and an accessible glove box next to a resealable one.

The gears of the driver are easy to set up and it includes a digital speed and distance-to-empty reading. However, it takes a little while to get acquainted with the numerous audio and phone controls on the wheel.

There is enhanced infotainment. An 8.0-inch touchscreen display with Bluetooth, USB, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, wireless radio and a $600 satellite navigation option replaces the old 6.5-inch device.

The options are many, but to choose the right one for you and your purpose, you need to give some time to select the most appropriate van hire option based on your capacity requirements:

Basic Delivery Van (Small Load)

With an area of 5 cubic metres, such a van comes with the load capacity of 1000 kg and is 2.3 metres * 1.6 meters * 1.35 metres, approximately.

This kind of vehicle suits best to shift or move around small items, like a single mattress.

High Roof Delivery Van (Medium Load – one bedroom)

With the dimensions of 4.25 metres *1.9 metres *1.76 meters approximately. This kind of vehicle can seat two people as well as can carry up to 1300 kg.

To move an entire bedroom, this is a great option as a van hire as it can accommodate a queen size mattress quite easily.

3T Moving Van (the real deal!)

For moving more items or an entire three-bedroom house, a 3T moving van is quite perfect. It comes fitted with a hydraulic lift that would help in managing the luggage.

The van also has tie-down rails throughout. Roughly, these kinds of vans have dimensions of 4.2 metres* 2 metres* 2 metres with a load-carrying capacity of 1200 kg.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect van hire, and almost all the business holders include a car license, insurance and comfort amenities along with other benefits.

Final Thoughts

To drive van hire in Australia is a complex decision. A lot of factors need to be considered before making a choice.

However, the experience of carrying a big moving van all by yourself through various terrains of the diverse roads of Australia is pretty great. Be it leisure or work, choose your vehicle appropriately.