What Does 2019 Have in Store for Cloud Technologies?

In recent years, cloud technologies have really taken off, and amassed millions of users across the globe. While online storage is used to store prized personal possessions such as music, films and video games, cloud servers are now being heavily utilised in the corporate arena too. Businesses everywhere are propelling themselves into the digital world of online sharing and storage.

With so much interest, progression is guaranteed. All the resources and intrigue are starting to swirl together to create many things anew next year.

Consequently, it’s worth asking the question; what does 2019 have in store for cloud technologies?

Heightened Security for Online Storage

It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The thought of on-demand, wireless storage was little more than a pipe dream only a few years ago, but today its growth has accelerated beyond the wildest imaginations. So far, this rapid spurt in technology has come with a crucial cost; hacking. After all, businesses everywhere have discovered that while they can more easily access their data online, other unwanted parties can too, causing obvious issues.

In 2019, we can all definitely expect heightened security measures for cloud storage systems. After all, any crucial flaws will always be addressed and countered. The biggest cloud providers will only get bigger, and more demand means more innovation. Whether it’s broader use of facial recognition software or more calls from individual firms for their own private cloud servers, development will surge in cloud technologies from a security first standpoint.

Managed Network Services

Cloud technologies have become enormous in terms of popularity, and off the back of that spawn multiple other trends too. A managed network service is a good example of this, and they will no doubt see a boom in interest in the coming months. This facility aims to put business interests first, in terms of all the factors regarding their corporate network; cost control, the effectiveness of communication, and their sheer access to the range of cloud services available today.

For example, companies such as Redcentric aim to meet these goals, constantly striving to ensure that their clients communication structure is in good hands. They’ll offer flexible networking requirements, as well as maintain a supportive, consultation focused relationship with any business needing their services. These tailored synergies between businesses will develop in 2019 and integrate cloud tech further into the DNA of industries everywhere.

Spending Rise

Security and flexibility were always the achilleas heels of cloud tech, but now that both are being more widely addressed, more and more people will take interest in the online storage systems. As the services become more refined, low-value contracts will likely be rendered obsolete, making cloud tech a highly lucrative sector.

Online storage will be far less a limited luxury for lucky firms, and instead be a mandatory requirement for all of them if they want to excel and compete with one another.

Many cloud service providers will no doubt seek to lower their running costs, principally so that they can fit within the budgets of every business out there. In response, this will drive up spending in this area, making it more accessible to more customers. Once the flaws are addressed and the interest builds and builds, the numbers will start to adjust to match the fledging demand.