Wedding favours that will actually capture the magic of your relationship

Why should you offer wedding favours?

They will add a pop of style and elegance to your wedding. Yes, they are not as important as your dress, veil, and shoes but they complete the set and help you plan the perfect day.

What’s wrong in recognising your guests for the time they take to join you for this event? A favour is a small token of appreciation, and if you choose it with your heart, it will capture the magic of your connection with your partner.

Contrary to what magazines and online blogs promote, you don’t have to spend big on them. Here is a collection of guidelines and ideas that will make this job easier for you.

Potted plants

Do you like gardening? Do your friends always admire your flowers? Then you should take advantage of this passion of yours and start planting flowers in pots for your wedding. Choose plants that are easy to grow and need little-to-no care because your guests will have to take them home and care for them. Start planting the flowers a few months ahead to make sure that they will look healthy and strong on your wedding day. Succulents and cactuses are great choices because they come in multiple ranges and colours. You should use a stencil to write your name on the pot and personalise the favour.

Tea or coffee

Are you a heavy coffee or tea drinker? Then you should share your passion with your guests. They will definitely like these favours because they show them that you have chosen something that has meaning for you. Choose one or multiple blends, and pack them in small boxes so your guests have no problems to take them home and prepare them in the morning. A strong cup of coffee is always a good hangover treatment, so you should keep this in mind when you select the type of coffee you offer. Your guests will love that both you and your partner took time to search for coffee and tea packages, and to share with them your favourite products.

Customised glasses

If you plan to have a small wedding, then it’s affordable to buy glasses, customise them with your names and offer your guests as favours. When organising the wedding in the back of the house, you have to bring your own cutlery and dishware, so offering them as gifts can prove a good idea, because you’ll find difficult to store all the glasses at home. You can customise the glasses with a message or image, it’s up to you. Serve the drinks in the glasses and invite your guests to take them home at the end of the night. If customising the glasses may sound too expensive, you can use printed ribbons for favours to offer them a festive look.

How should you choose the favours?

· The favours should meet the wedding theme. If you are planning a modern wedding, then you should consider succulents, mini-glasses of champagne and cupcakes as favours.

· You don’t have to go with the same colours you have used for wedding decorations and flower arrangements, but they should not be the opposite.

· To make sure that your guests remember who was offering them the favours you should attach a card to the gifts, or even personalise them if possible.

· If you decide to offer favours with a special meaning, you should add a note to explain to your guests why is it so important for you.

· The best way to capture the magic of your connection is to do yourself the wedding favours. You put time, effort and love into creating them, so your attendees will definitely be impressed by your gesture. Leaving this to your wedding planner will not have the same effect. · No matter the theme of the wedding, or the style of the event, edible favours are always a great choice.

Your budget is a determining factor

You should never go over the established budget when it comes to favours. Weddings are expensive events, and after you pay for everything, wedding favours are the last thing you want to spend money on. It’s advisable to keep the spending to the minimum, and the best way to do it is to do them by yourself. There are countless affordable options, but you have to think ahead if you want to find the one that is able to capture your relationship’s magic. As long as they mean something for you, they don’t have to be expensive.

If you want to offer edible favours, you can make them at home. You can ask a couple of friends or family members to help you. Baking brownies at home is always more affordable than buying cookies from the store. Crafting the wedding favours by yourself can prove a funny process as long as you don’t panic, and you are not doing it the night before the wedding.

Choose something your guests will keep

Wedding favours should be unique especially if they are not edible. The favours should be souvenirs that remember people of the amazing experience they had attending your wedding. Items that can be later used as key chains, decorative items, bookmarks and utensils are always a great choice. People are always thrilled if they receive something useful free. Actually, kitchenware and utensils are some of the most popular wedding favours in the world, so you can buy them in bulk and customise them with your names’ initials.

Favours couples can enjoy together give a touch of sentimentality and help you save money.

Speaking of money, again, you should always compare the estimative prices different favours have and choose the one that better fits your budget. The idea is to offer something meaningful for you, without hurting your budget. Your guests will appreciate the attention, no matter how expensive or affordable it is.

And last but not least, make sure that your guests won’t forget the favours, Conventionally they are offered at the beginning of the event, but if you don’t find the moment suitable, you can choose another time.