Your back has to bear it all whenever you are working amidst strict deadlines and dealing with complex tasks. All those long work hours and stress causes strain to your back and you may end up wincing in pain before you even know it.

However, back pain, by all means, is somewhat easy to tackle and not at all something to be anxious about. On the other hand, someone with a chronic back pain or a serious ailment, we suggest opting for a stairlift as even the slightest exertion can lead to complications. It will help you to travel floor to floor with utmost east and would minimize the pain from getting anymore worst.

Otherwise, with a few adjustments and remedies one can easily say goodbye to back pain or simply protect from developing one. It only needs a bit of dedication and persistence as we often tend to neglect health and prioritize work above everything when it is the matter of keeping a balance between both.

Let’s see how you can do that below:

Exercise it out:

In most of the cases, work calls out for a sedentary lifestyle. This really takes a toll over the muscles and joints. As per experts, muscles are meant for movement and exercise means keeping them in action.

It is important to make time out for your workout sessions so as to retain the fluid in your joints. Moreover, sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to one’s weight and with exercise you can keep that in check. Being overweight can also cause severe back pain and exercising simply prevents that.

Pay attention to the posture:

The root cause of developing a back pain is when people literally slump whilst working on their computers. They do not realize the long-term damage they would cause to the backs and continue to do so only to face the dire consequences later.

Therefore, it is paramount to keep one’s posture in check so as to maintain the curves of the back to avoid any pain later. Ensure that you are in a posture which is ergonomically correct and the chair you are using is an ergonomic one.

Why an ergonomic chair?

Well, an ergonomic chair is one which extends all the way from the shoulder down to the seating space. To put it in other words, it is a specifically designed full-length chair which allows the body to retain its natural posture and reduce overall stress on the body. It aligns the hips, shoulders and spine properly enough to keep discomforts like back pain at bay.

They might be a bit heavy on the pocket but a bit of extra bucks won’t hurt when it promises a healthy and functional body. And when you physically do well, productivity and job satisfaction would speak for itself.

Take a break:

Your shoulders scream for a break when you work tirelessly whilst sitting on one chair for good consecutive hours. Hence, try and take a break religiously every once in an hour to boost up the circulation and reduce pressure on your spine. It might seem a time wasting idea on that particular instant but we kid you not when we say that taking these short breaks is going to make quite an impact on your physical well-being in the future.

Walk to fetch a glass of water or get those copies by walking to the copy machine boy once in a while. Soak in some Mother Nature and do those shoulder rolls so as to keep them in motion and avoid any nasty shoulder or back pain from coming in into your life! Just don’t keep sitting for too long; even stretching for a minute or two can bring a positive change.

Say no to phone cradling:

It is an instinctive move and a common practice to nest your phone between your shoulder and ear while you are amidst work but also have an important telephonic conversation to make. However, this can prove to be hazardous!

In doing so, you end up tilting your neck and back which might not come off as a big deal that time. But, it builds up and causes strain on both neck and back. Therefore, it is recommended to always reach out for a headset or opt for a speakerphone if a conversation grows any longer than three to five minutes for your own and your back’s sanity.

Eat right:

It is impulsiveness to resort to unhealthy food items at workplaces to cut down on stress and pressure levels. Many do not take into account the grave ramifications it would ultimately cast on their physical well-being. It is very important to maintain a healthy eating habit so as to remain strong at all times. A good mix of vegetable and fruit coupled with whole grains and lean meat will keep the digestive system healthy.

Always remind yourself that your outside depends on how well you keep your insides. So, vow today to yourself that you will make a conscious effort on your diet to stay fit all day, every day!