Want Your Message Heard — Think E-Book

Content marketing is all the rage today. It has to be – how else will we be able to get our businesses to flourish without getting our word out there? Among the many ways marketers accomplish this feat is by publishing e-books.

According to Jesse Noyes, senior director of content marketing for Kapost, long form or in-depth content has become the focus of content marketers. This includes white papers, e-books, infographics, videos etc. the content that can be used for campaigning on multiple channels.

Since they have this compact look, coupled with a neat presentation of comprehensive information on a certain topic that feels easily digestible too, many content marketers have started preferring e-books over other forms of content.

How E-Books Help Your Business

Crafting an e-book serves various purposes. It offers a substantial information to the customers. How else does it help? Find out more.

Lead Generation

E-Books are one of the most effective strategies used by content marketers for businesses. In-person events and webinars are the most effective (about 69% and 64% effective according to Content Marketing Institute’s report, compared to 55% for e-books), but they are quite a bit expensive in terms of resources and planning required.

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People’s preference for a content medium includes something that can be downloaded, carried around, and is easy to share or print. This way you generate quality leads, as opposed to using Lead Generation Software.

Smart businesses use testimonials from their satisfied clients and turn them into an e-book to improve their business value. The content shared on e-books help them attract new customers, generating more leads.

Build Your Brand

There are experienced professionals like Anthony Gioeli, VP Sales and Marketing for KeyLemon SA, and Brecht Palombo, founder and president of Distressedpro, who have their own e-books.

They use these e-books to build their brand, create a name for themselves, and allow people an insight into their careers and experiences so they may trust them and their services.

Brecht Columbo’s said; “educate my customers so they can decide if my software is right for them and know how to use the data inside my software should they choose to subscribe.”

This is just to ensure that your business projects credibility and expertise, more so than it could via some other channel like a short blog. Since the readers are those who actively sought out your content, this can only return positive results.

Low Production Costs

With content creation being in great demand, there is added pressure to come up with newer content every day. E-Books are generally cheaper to produce as compared to the creation of videos or media kits for instance.

The time that goes into its production also depends upon the genre and kind of e-book being composed. For those who find it tough, the Internet has some valuable resources available on the subject like this article here.

You can create an e-book within a few hours but it takes time delegating it to a writer for transcription and editing. When we compare the monetary funds that go into e-books, some spend a few hundred while others like Geoli end up spending several thousands, including ‘editing, proofreading, layout, cover design and publishing costs.

The return on investment cannot be specifically calculated unless the desired object is in clear focus at the beginning of your project. For instance, Geoli says that he had already started reaping the benefits in the form of increased recognition and attendance to his talks, which was his primary aim for an e-book.

Easy Distribution

Figuring out the distribution of your content is sometimes more challenging a task rather than the content creation itself. E-Books are easy to distribute to your targeted audience because of the various ways they are made accessible to people.

Some brands go the easy way and simply incorporate the e-book download as a call to action on their website in exchange for the visitor’s details. A smarter way would be to look into your target audience and see their Internet browsing patterns so you can email the link to your customers and subscribers.

Better yet, target a popular e-book market like Kindle, or Amazon, find out the most appropriate category/genre that your e-book is likely to fall into, and then work from there to the best format of your e-book. Determine an appropriate price and relevant keywords that should bring up your e-book as result.

It is important to make sure that your e-book is marketed on the popular social media channels that are most frequented by your potential customers. Another way to make sure that your e-book reaches the right audience is by means of content syndication that allows your content to be available on a more popular webpage than yours.

Embedded Multimedia

An e-book allows incorporation of multimedia, adding to its interactive capacity. They have a very flexible format — infograph or flowcharts that go into your e-book as illustration, a video or audio clip, etc. This gives them an edge over a traditional book, or a single content type.

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If your e-book is in epub format, then readers can customize the visual for the best personal reading experience on their reading device.

Frequent Updates

Indeed, e-books will never run out of their use. You can release an updated version by incorporating the latest statistics and information.

Selected excerpts from your e-book can be published as a blog (or even guest blog). It can be an add-on to your email as free download to grow readership and brand awareness or be converted from basic pdf to epub to increase availability.

In fact, low-priced or free e-books establish the value of your content to your readers. The credibility and trust generated can invite them to look up your business and buy your services. An e-book is a great content form also because contrary to the difficulty involved in publishing a book, it can be easily published and marketed on your own.

An incredible example of an e-book put to the best use is 29 Secrets About Content Marketing, created by TopRank in collaboration with Content Marketing Institute. It included tips and tricks from the content marketing experts and generated 85,000 plus views, making it a great success for TopRank. The content was easy to put together, making it a clever marketing manoeuver. They also made sure that there was a clear marketing call in the opening as well as the closing.

An e-book is an effective move to ensure that you use buyer personas to your advantage. It would resonate better with your target audience, as compared to a one-size-fits-all approach.