Used Car Dealerships Fairport NY: What To Look For

Buying a car is always an exciting time of your life, as it will be one of your most expensive assets. The market of automobiles is not only confined to brand-new ones, but there are also numerous shoppers today looking for second-hand cars.

In New York, you will find numerous used car dealers, particularly in Fairport. It is essential then that you should know how to choose the best car dealership options for you. This article gives you a list of what it is you have to look out for.

1. Check if the car dealership has permits and licenses to operate

Before you even start to look at the cars for sale in a used car dealership, do check if they still have the proper licenses and permits to operate as a business in Fairport. Never purchase cars from an unlicensed car dealer, as doing so might give you headaches in the future. Should you have any problems with your vehicle, or if you feel like you were scammed out of your money, you have proper grounds to bring your case up for liabilities and compensation. Without licenses and permits to prove that the car dealership is a legitimate and legal business, you cannot do the same.

You can also check for a car’s permits and licenses by viewing their website, such as

2. Choose car dealerships that have a good record and name

When choosing between various car dealers in Fairport, one way for you to filter them is to select car dealerships that have a good record in the local car industry. If possible, stay away from car dealerships that sell lemon or bad-quality cars with a bad history. You wouldn’t want to be caught in an unfortunate situation where a year after you bought your vehicle, you will already be faced with numerous repairs. Here’s how you can check the track record of car dealerships:

* Ask friends and family members in Fairport for recommendations

* Read reviews and feedback from previous clients

* Ask from local car experts or enthusiasts

3. Keep your budget in mind as an important consideration

When you are buying brand-new cars, the standard selling price is almost always the same. However, if you are buying second-hand cars, the price offered by car dealerships are not always the same. Some car dealerships are necessarily more expensive than others, often due to factors such as popularity and number of years in business. Keep your budget in mind and approach the car dealers that offer options that you can afford. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to have a car.

4. Ask about the freebies offered by the car dealerships

Different car dealerships have different offers. Hence, it will be advantageous for you to remember asking about what freebies they can offer you. Freebies translate to savings, and any form of savings that you can have when buying your second-hand car will already be a great deal. Choose car dealerships that have freebies that fit you the most, or that appeal to you the most. Some of the freebies include:

* Free processing of papers such as contract of sale

* Free processing of car registration as new owner

* Free annual check-up for two years

5. Check to see if the car dealership offers you a warranty, too

Car dealerships do want the best for their customers, too, and at the end of the day, it is crucial for them as well to make a sale. One of the best ways for them to be assured of a deal is to offer a warranty on their car. A lot of customers nowadays are smarter and wiser, and warranties have become a top consideration. It can give you peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to your second-hand purchase within the warranty period, and you can still have it fixed or replaced without spending more money than you already did on the car itself.

6. Choose the car dealership that has excellent customer service

When you purchase a car, your relationship with the car dealer does not only end upon the final signing of the contract of sale. As a car owner, you will have to go through yearly checks, or there might be problems with your car later on. The same situation holds true whether you are buying a brand-new or a used car. With this, it is essential that you are dealing with a car seller that has great customer service. You can determine this through the following:

* The staff show pleasing personality and are always eager to help you out

* The staff are patient in answering any of your questions

* The team is active in answering phone calls and giving feedback regarding any of your concerns


Buying a second-hand car doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all. There are many used cars today in New York that are still in excellent condition, as if they were brand-new. With these tips in mind, you are better assured that you are making a smart and well-informed decision. Remember that buying a car is a major purchase that you cannot just undo immediately should you regret your final choice.