Trophy Vs Medals: Why Trophies Are Great Options For An Award Ceremony

In perspective, a trophy and a medal don’t have much of a difference. Both are awards given for accomplishments and triumphs. Awards build a positive learning environment and increase motivation. But, why do we have both trophies and medals if they serve the same purpose?

There are many reasons on why awarding bodies give out either a trophy or medal. Some would say that a medal is to recognize the exploits of an individual and the trophy is to acknowledge the achievement of a team or group. Some would say that a medal is a badge that you can wear while the other one is an accolade that you can display. It somewhat makes you wonder which of the two serves a great award. Arguably, trophies are better options.

Though both choices have some similarities, there are just some things better with a trophy.

Can easily be seen.

Even from a distance, a trophy immediately triggers a recall. When you see it, this automatically reminds you of your achievement. It has the same value as buying a new car for your family. That’s a memory that won’t go away.

It connects your accomplishments and hard work. It serves as a constant reminder of what you can do and what you can get by working harder, and going the extra mile.

Ability to inspire others.

A trophy creates a lingering value that others will come to appreciate. The best part of this is the “story” that goes with it. People will ask how you received such an honor, and you get to tell the story. In turn, your accomplishment would give them the inspiration to do the same.

Highlight of the stage.

Many people love the spotlight, especially in a competitive environment. Those who aren’t called up on stage genuinely wanted to be there.

The trophy acts like a beacon for people to excel on what they do, and it motivates them to be on the spotlight the next time around with a trophy to emphasize the victory.

Physical proofs of accomplishments.

Aside from the recall value, trophies are durable awards which you can keep in your house or the office for years. Seeing a room with trophies set as decorations indeed gives the “wow factor.” Trophies are constant reminders of attainment and success.

Increases competitive spirit.

Though medals can do the same, a trophy can reach far and wide to increase friendly competition due to its visibility. It acts as the ultimate prize to encourage everyone to work much harder and better. Imagine yourself in the office with a big trophy on your desk for your outstanding performance. Even your colleagues will surely notice you and will have a sense of envy, prompting them to step up and take the trophy away from you.

Increase morale and confidence.

A worker or participant who lacks confidence will work harder to get a trophy. If he or she claims this top prize, the trophy will become a tireless morale booster even for future events and competitions.

Anchors the expectations better.

Since the trophy is more visible than other kinds of awards, it creates an anchoring effect of stimulating a better point of reference towards performance. An achievement awarded with a trophy raises the benchmark as people try to surpass it.

Even if you try to adjust the expectations down, the reference set by the trophy will remain embedded in the minds of everyone. It would be hard to erase.


The completion of goals that leads to a recognition paired with a trophy is one of the best ways to feel satisfied. It is easier to perceive objectives with a visual and the best visual to meet and exceed expectations is a physical reward.

Earning yourself a trophy will give you a sense that all your hardships have paid off.

To sum up, trophies are excellent options for an award ceremony because of their visual effect and values. It is true that medals, badges, certificates, and the likes have similar values, but these are far better to associate with trophies. Many extravagant events and competitions award the winners with trophies because of the impact they bring. It is just one of the things that makes these grand prizes.