Travelling abroad is an adventure we all look forward to at some point and is best planned ahead of time. You must know there are various things you need to consider except for booking flights and packing.

Showing up at airport gate without a passport can put a hindrance on your long-awaited escape. However, your preparation should also be dedicated to ensuring the safety of your health and financial necessities. For this, international travel insurance is a must.

By getting international travel insurance, you cover yourself against every possible risk including, stolen or lost luggage, cancellation cover (due to unexpected medical reasons) and most importantly, unexpected medical expenses abroad. If your parents or grandparents are also travelling, make sure you check out the senior citizen travel insurance review and ratings to select the best policy for their travel needs.

Apart from this, preparing for the entire journey requires checking your luggage multiple times for documents and essential items to not miss out on anything.

To save you some preparation time, here’s a compilation of a comprehensive checklist for your next journey abroad.

· Essential Documents

Make a list of all the essential documents that you are expected to carry. Keep your plane ticket, passport, visa, address list, phone numbers, prescriptions (if any) and accommodation details ready. These are the things that you will require easy access to; therefore, you must pack them in luggage, which is easily approachable.

If you are planning to carry cash, then make sure to get a handy travel pouch with added safety.

· Appropriate Clothing

Most of you might end up over-packing clothes because of the fear that you will run out of it. List out your clothes as per the weather of your destination and your planned activities to avoid overpacking. Separate your clothes according to their different purposes – formal wear or casual/party wear.

Next, arrange all the clothes in your bag to see the space they occupy. If they are taking up most of the area, then lose some of the optional clothing. Ideally, you must make sure that your luggage is as light as possible.

· Comprehensive International Travel Insurance

Several international travel insurance plans offer protection during your travel abroad. As passengers, you may face some unpreventable circumstances that can cost you significant money. International travel insurance policy can rescue you from such situations, thereby minimizing losses.

A good international travel insurance policy provides benefits like:

Ø Assistance during the loss of passport

Ø Immediate assistance in case of delayed or lost checked-in luggage

Ø Cancellation of the trip will not cost you money

Ø Assistance in case of curtailment of the trip

Ø Compensation for delay in the flight

Ø Permission to travel to countries where travel insurance is compulsory

Ø Medical evacuation in case of an emergency

Ø Relief benefit in case of a plane hijack

Ø Compensation for the loss of driving license

Ø Cash assistance in the case of a financial emergency

Ø Daily cash assistance in case of hospitalization

Ø Medical treatment is covered

Ø Personal accident is also covered

In case of any hindrance during the trip, international travel insurance companies like TATA AIG provide complete assistance. Their 24*7 customer support can help you file claims in the correct manner and also help you reach the nearest network hospital for getting treatment in case of a medical emergency.

Keep international travel insurance handy with all other documents not to face any uncertain situation on foreign soil.

Have the trip of your life with insured peace of mind!