Top Vaping Trends for 2019

In 2019, vaping has become a humongous pastime, as well as something that many people are using to quit smoking.

Aside from this though, there has been humongous emergencies of vaping custom flavors, special additives (some vendors actually have energy blends that you can vape in order to get an energy buzz from it, from caffeine, to taurine and more).

Not only that, but the flavors are sometimes out of this world on this website, as well as the entry of new and improved vapor pens, e-cigarettes, and vapor ohm machines that have special features that you just can’t get anywhere else as even since 2017, advancements have completely phased out older models.

Not only that, there have been many alterations making millions of improvements with juices and more. We’ll cover all the top vaping trends in 2019.

Better Juice

In order to give you a better experience by having a higher mix of VG (vegetable glycerin) rather than higher PG (propylene glycol) which gives you even less harsh chemicals from an accidental dry vape, burnt vape, as well as gives you a smoother draw so that it doesn’t hurt or burn your mouth and throat as much. Not only this, but many more juices are emerging without nicotine as compared to having nicotine already in them so you can add the nicotine separately.

Newer Safer Mods

The world of mods has been a controversy since they started getting popular, and the most common reason why any problems have ensued was literally the fault of the user (carrying the items in their pockets with other metals, sitting on their vape mod, faulty assembly by the user, and making “custom mods”).

Very rarely has the use of using vapor mods actually caused bodily harm to users, and what’s most important, in 2019, newer and safer mods have been doing more and more work to incorporate research to constantly make these items better with larger tanks, more durable and compact designs, and even better atomizers (the item that makes the vapor by heating the juice.)

Tastier Alternatives with More Quality

More mods are being perfected to be used with higher quantity of VG juices (like 70VG/30PG) in order to make them produce a better flavor, more vapor, and smoother draws. Because of this, companies are also booming with sales of new flavors that keep coming out, as well as extra additives that are available (CBD, Caffeine, even THC vapors in legal states are becoming more popular).

Wrapping Up

It’s no wonder why vaping is becoming more and more popular these days with all of the excellent improvements that are the major concern of the consumers. Because of the ability to have better options, it’s anticipated that more and more people will continue to use vaping as not only recreational use, but also with quitting smoking.

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, or just want to try vaping, try getting a vapor pen, but make sure that your device can handle the high VG to PG ratio of most juices. If your device can only handle using higher PG to VG (like 50/50 maximum), then go that route, so you don’t possibly cause injury. Also, still research things like possible mod recalls, and more and always follow the user manuals to avoid any issues.

By following user guidelines, you not only reduce any risks of negative consequences, but also you can have a more pleasurable experience when it comes to the safety and enjoyment of vaping. Also be sure to practice safe and ethical use, as many places are actually banning these from use inside buildings because not everyone wants to smell your e-juice (although some people can actually benefit from it and it’s not going to harm them like second-hand smoke).