Top tips for the perfect Galapagos cruise experience

The Galapagos Islands is known to be the home to many marine animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The archipelago, located about 600 miles west to the mainland of Ecuador, offers a great experience to people who are visiting the place by cruise ships.

The Galapagos Islands Cruise helps you to visit many exotic sites in the region, hike over many lava fields, and spend more time with the wildlife. Although it’s not an ideal destination for all the families to visit; however, if you want to explore the beauty of this place, then you must pay a visit at least once in your lifetime.

Here are some tips to consider when you are planning a visit to this place:

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands might be strenuous for you:

If you are planning to visit the Galapagos Islands, then pull up your socks to experience some of your wildest dreams. Unlike many other national parks in the US, you will not find any paved paths within the national park of Galapagos. You might face a lot of mobility challenges during the trip to this place; however, the experience that you will come across will be one of a kind.

You can enjoy walking into the Zodiac dinghy after getting off from your boat and then climb out of it to the shore. You will walk through the waters and wetlands when getting off to the coast. Hardly, you will come across drylands within this specific region.

If you are fond of animals, then you will see huge tortoises, iguanas, blue-footed boobies, and many more.

Rough time in Seas might give you goosebumps:

If you have seasickness, then you might have a tough time to get adjusted to it. When you are booking your tickets to this place, you will have to keep in mind about you and your family’s safety first. Therefore, experts advise you to book tickets during the month of March and July.

However, opting for the Galapagos Islands cruise might help you in overcoming all your fears. These cruises have stabilizers that make your ride smoother and more natural. The shifts of currents in the ocean might give you goosebumps sometimes, but it will be thrilling all the time when you are in the cruise.

Don’t expect luxury during your trip:

When you are visiting Galapagos, be ready to sacrifice your luxurious lifestyle and routine that you follow during the day. You will not get lovely dresses, delicious supper, or luxurious stay during your trip. You will have to compromise with whatever things you are getting to wear or eat in the place.

Carry gear for your child:

Although the place and the trip are not recommended for families who have children aged below 12; however, if you are still visiting the place with your child, don’t forget to carry gear for him or her.

Snorkels and protective masks make it quite more comfortable for you and your child to see or interact with the penguins, turtles, or any other aquatic animals. If you are taking your child for a swim in the waters, make sure that you and your child are putting the right gear for it.

Carrying swim fins will help you in fighting the currents of the sea and keeping up with the turtles as they cross you in the sea or ocean waters. Wetsuits are mandatory for you to wear in the chilled waters. The experience this place offers in the sea is impeccable!

Socializing wouldn’t be a bad idea for you:

Most of the cruises carry many passengers who are also visiting the place along with you to experience the beauty of the place. You can plan a communal dinner or lunch to socialize with them during your trip.
Making new friends on the trip will help you in exploring more of this exotic island. You can plan excursions with them at any given time to a random location within the place and explore the most out of it.

Final Words

The Galapagos Islands is a destination that you must plan to visit at least once in your life. The luscious tropical flora and fauna in this place is something that you wouldn’t have seen in your life. Besides this, what you cannot afford to miss is riding on a cruise through the sea waters that double up your experience!