The “Purple” marijuana strains are perhaps the preferred ones for many growers, either because of their violet tones or because of the combination with different greens, their visual beauty is as impressive as it is delicious.

In this article we are going to investigate the most successful “ grand daddy purple seeds” marijuana strains and what better results they are giving, from the most powerful and medicinal Indica to the most psychedelic and active Sativas, this is a list that you cannot miss.

The purple grape tone that it acquires not only stays visually but also looks like its flavor. This color floods all the buds of the plant very early, making it a beautiful combination of greens and purples that on certain occasions can colonize the entire plant, making it a true beauty.

It is indicated to whet the appetite and promote the conciliation of sleep, since its effects are quite long-lasting as well as effective, and especially indicated to be your last mess of the day before going to bed.

Purple Kush Auto

Here with “Purple Kush Auto” we have a good automatic, with all the qualities that can be expected from it, but with a nice intense violet color that can spread throughout the marijuana plant on many occasions when the cold is present.

From the hand of the Budha seeds bank comes this quick version of an Afghani of medium potency, with abundant resin and a lot of leaf, which on these occasions is to be appreciated by the eye.

It is a variety of easy cultivation, where we should not abuse fertilizers since it does not need much in its short life. It has quite good results in terms of production, since its buds are thick and tight.

Outdoors it behaves phenomenally, doubling its height indoors, its rapid flowering makes it good genetics to avoid pests, especially in outdoor places where they tend to occur quite frequently.

Purple Paro Valley

With “Purple Paro Valley”, perhaps we are facing one of the purple marijuana varieties most suitable for cold and northern climates since in its genetics we can go back to the climatic conditions of the Himalayas. Therefore, we are talking about a strain resistant to fungi and the various types of problems that humidity brings us.

With a structure prepared for the outdoor climate, Mandala has created this beauty which demands little attention, making use of a rather scarce nutrition we will get large buds that intertwine with the leaves in all directions.

It must be said that about 70% of the population achieves these purple tones, leaving the rest with a dark green color. The cold is a good incentive when it comes to getting that purple color that makes this variety so attractive.

It is a variety with a lot of foliage and rather short in stature but well used, it is also an excellent option for extracts and medicinal oils, since its cannabinoid levels are very good for it.Its flavor is very peculiar, having the majority sweet taste of the purple varieties but with a slightly bitter touch that is more durable.

Purple Pineberry

From the Secret Valley Seeds bank comes a sweet creation with the “Purple Pineberry”, this is another easy-to-grow variety, which also thanks to its short stature, makes it a good option for indoor crops or with little space.

The other point is its production, which looking at it objectively is totally profitable and feasible if we make a relationship between cultivation time and production, since we are talking about an average harvest that in outdoor cultivation can exceed the average.

It is a plant that due to its speed does not have problems with pests or fungi, since they do not have time to spread, in addition to what refers to food, very little amount is enough to develop, so it is recommended not to abuse the nitrogen.Its flavor, as its name suggests, is of pine, nuances between wood and earthy, very pleasant to smoke.


Here we have a historical “purple” variety, which has been with us since the 80s and is still the favorite among many growers looking for quality and beautiful colors, so it could not be missing from this list.

With a predominance of sativa “Shaman” from the Dutch Passion seed bank, it meets all the characteristics of its structure, that both its size and the internodal distance facilitate the typical long and heavy flowers of this phenotype.

This marijuana plant has a medium-high height, which means that in indoor growing we have to perform some technique to control the height and provide it with a large amount of light for optimal development.

In outdoor crops it behaves phenomenally, it is a resistant variety as well as robust, which admits a complete feeding, especially in the flowering stage, since it admits good doses of Phosphorus and Potassium.

The nuances are repeated as in most “purples”, with a predominant sweet flavor that reminds us of seasonal purple grapes, but that in this particular plant can leave us a certain spicy touch as a final aftertaste.

Purple Haze

The Ace seeds bank brings us “Purple Haze”, a combination of different high quality sativas and different countries of origin, giving rise to 100% pure sativa. It’s very long flowering must be highlighted, showing the love and passion of those growers who arm themselves with patience and seek to get out of the ordinary.

With an average of 18 weeks of flowering period, it is clear that these genetics is reserved for growers with more patience and experience, because you have to be aware of the needs of the plant without wanting to provide extra nutrients.

It has a typically sativa structure with many long, intermodally spaced ramifications that will slowly cover themselves with widely spaced elongated flowers. Its nuances go from the touch of wood to an earthy flavor, but they need a good maintenance of the plant to obtain them.