date from hell

Have you ever been on a date from hell? There is nothing worse than having a date walk in 30 minutes late. Or perhaps they’re sloppy or a sweaty mess. Or maybe you just simply don’t like the person you are spending the evening with. Whatever the reason here are ten tips on how to escape a date from hell.

1. Try A Do-Over

The “date from hell” might not be a bad person; maybe they’re just nervous. Stop them mid-idiot and politely tell them that they’re not currently coming across as a potential partner, but you’d like to try again. Set a date for a fresh beginning, and see what happens then.

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2. Ask For The Bill

Getting the check early is a clear sign that your date—and any sign of a relationship—is over. Doing this quickly cuts out any additional awkward time and keeps you from having to say flat-out how miserable you are.

3. The White Lie

Sometimes it’s better to be gentle with your let-down. Tell your date that you have plans you forgot about or that you left something important at home and you have to leave immediately. This prevents you from having to tell them how upset they’re making you.

4. Pretend You Are Not Well

I have used this one the past and it works well without offending your date. Say you are not feeling well and wish to go home. Make up something like the food didn’t agree or you have a really bad ache, usually the other party will be sympathetic and agree to cut the date short.

5. Be Open-Minded

Your date might have underlying issues that are impeding the success of your night. Try to understand why they’re acting the way they are, and you’ll be able to see them in a better light.

6. Ask For A Change Of Scenery

Maybe part of the problem is that neither of you are comfortable in your location. Hating the loud, crowded bar filled with singles? Switch to a quiet, intimate couple’s café—your new environment might bring a new attitude.

7. Call For Back-Up

If you’re concerned that a date you’ve planned is going to get awkward, make arrangements beforehand. Prior to your date, ask a friend to call you halfway through the night. If things aren’t going well, use your acting skills and tell your date there’s been an emergency that you have to tend to immediately.

8. Enjoy Yourself

Try to have a good time outside the date. There’s sure to be something you can enjoy, even if it’s not the person with you. Appreciate your meal or your surroundings and stay optimistic by entertaining yourself.

9. Simply Walk Out

If your date is being insulting, aggressive or threatening, you never need an excuse. Get up, leave and don’t look back.

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10. Be Honest

Tell him kindly that you’re not interested. It will save you both the trouble if you take the mature and truthful route.


Have you ever been on a date from hell? How did you handle it?

Source: Divine Caroline