Toddler Learning To Sing Don’t Let Me Down By The Beatles

Diogo mello Learning To Sing

A Brazilian two year old toddler has become an Internet hit after a video of the young kid learning to sing the Beatles song Don’t Let Me Down was uploaded to Youtube.

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Father Christian Diego Mello recorded the duet with his two year old son Diogo Mello and uploaded it to Youtube to show off his son’s talents to his coworkers. To Christian’s surprise the video went viral with millions of visitors watching little Diogo sing.

Diogo may not know how to play, but he certainly knows his cues. The video has had over 6 million views and hit 3 million within the first week of going live. The number continues to rise rapidly.

Don’t Let me Down was first recorded back in 1969 during the Let It Be sessions and was written by John Lennon. It was a huge success for the Beatles and now it looks like it’s also made this Brazilian toddler a star too.

Diogo’s singing talent has caught the hearts of the world and also the attention of the media. Diogo recently appeared on the popular Brazilian TV show “Hoje em Dia” and sung live. If he has achieved all this by the age of two, imagine what kind of future Diogo has in store.

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Diogo mello Learning To Sing

Don’t you agree that Diogo learning to sing is just too cute for words?

Source: Youtube

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