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Maintaining Your Health This Holiday Season

Here’s the sad, hard, strange truth about the holidays: you’re very likely going to get sick. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Travel is one. Many people will travel from cities that are across the country to their home town. They’ll bring with them whatever illnesses were in the big city.

Oftentimes people travel on airlines. Airline travel is some of the most dangerous, as people from all walks of life congregate together in a tiny airtight space. While there are many positive things about diversity, there are also quite a few negative aspects to consider. Diversity exists in the microbial realm just as it does in the human one.

Just to help give you an idea of how this works, consider a weasel, a skunk, a wolverine, and a honey badger. They’re all basically the same creature, from the same “family” of organisms. It’s like the variance you see between tigers, lions, bobcats, mountain lions, panthers, and house cats. They’re all feline.

Well, in terms of the influenza virus, you’ve got similar strains that differ regionally. During the holidays, all these diseases congregate neatly together on varying airlines traveling between states and even countries. So one of the first things to do to avoid sickness this holiday season is to avoid airline travel, if possible. We’ll explore a few other tactics in this writing.

Vitamin Supplementation

Your body needs the tools necessary for fighting off illnesses of varying kinds. One of the most important supplements you can take is vitamin C. Also, vitamin D is recommendable, as is Zinc.

If you feel yourself coming down with a cold—that telltale tickle at the back of your throat—Emergen-C or Airborne tablets can help strengthen your immune system with vitamins. Also, a multivitamin can help.

Take the sort of multivitamin which best matches your position in life. Adult multivitamins are appropriate for adults, children’s chewable vitamins (such as “Flintstones” vitamins) are good for kids.

Diet, Exercise, And Psychology

Eating right and exercising regularly help prepare your body for action by making it reach its physical apex. Physical excellence fosters mental excellence. When you feel good, you’re more psychologically healthy. In turn, this helps you more effectively manage your body.

In that vein, be careful not to spend too much time sitting motionless in front of TVs or computers. It has been shown that too much technology can actually have a negative effect on your mental health.

Treatment As necessary

If you’ve got a severe cold, it could give you sinus issues that affect your hearing. Sometimes you’ll sneeze or cough, and pressure that has built up in sinuses may perforate your eardrum. In that situation, you may want to look into professional aural solutions such as those from the NH Hearing Institute. When you’re sick enough, get treatment.

Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and there’s a high likelihood you’ll encounter sickness of one kind or another. Eat the right foods. Exercise regularly. Avoid flying on airlines if at all possible; if you must fly, be conscientious, and bring health supplements with you to avoid getting sick. Flying with a group and clustering your seats together in advance can help.

You should consider vitamins, and you need to avoid too much technology usage. Lastly, if you’re sick enough, you should go see a doctor and get the proper care. Actions like these will help you avoid getting sick and maintain your health this holiday season, as well as assist in more expedient recovery should you get sick despite such measures.