Tips to Avoid Problems When Booking with Third-Party Hotel Reservation Apps

With the rise of third-party apps, it is easy to search for quality accommodation wherever you decide to go. You can also pre-pay your booking so that you do not need to spend time at the reception desk upon arrival.

Since you are not directly booking with the hotel, you could end up with some issues. These tips will help you deal with reservations via third-party apps.

Stick with reliable apps

You might find unknown third-party hotel reservation apps out there with lots of exclusive deals and discounts available. You feel tempted to give them a shot, but you might regret that decision. Make sure that you stick with positively reviewed apps with a good reputation as a booking app.

Check the number of hotels available

It is understandable if you cannot see lots of choices when checking out certain towns. Perhaps, there are not too many hotels available in the area, and the app correctly reflects this. However, if you are looking for hotels in major cities, you need to get plenty of options; otherwise, it means that the app did not receive authority to book on behalf of some top hotels. You do not want to limit yourself, so you need to keep searching.

Find a cash-on-arrival option

If you are not confident that the app is worth your trust, you can opt for cash-on-arrival. In doing so, you do not need to pay anything before you arrive or become a victim of credit card fraud. Remember though that some apps request a higher fee for cash-on-arrival options.

Reserve in advance

Like direct hotel booking, you also need to finish the process as early as possible. You might miss a room if you book late. You might also miss the chance to receive an exclusive deal or promotion.

The confirmation email does not guarantee a room

The problem with a third-party booking is that even if you receive a confirmation email, there is still a chance that it could get cancelled. There might be technical issues affecting the reservation. You need to prepare a backup plan if the hotel is not available. You need to read the terms of the third-party app too in case they cancel after sending a confirmation of your reservation.

Call the hotel

To be sure, you can call the hotel directly. Ask them to confirm your reservation. Usually, third-party apps sync with hotel management. Therefore, it will immediately appear on their system if someone reserved through the app. Wait for a while before calling though to guarantee that the system already has everything in place. If you call and the hotel does not confirm, you need to call again or contact the customer support service of the third-party app.

If you are looking for hotels in Oxfordshire, you might want to contact the hotel directly to guarantee your reservation. You do not want to not have a room on your trip because of booking issues.