Tips for Traveling to Miami for the First Time

What things to see and do in Miami? There’s a ton of them actually! Sometimes we get the feeling that a destination does not have much to see, most people when they think of Miami, think of beaches, sculptural bodies and rollerblading.

And yes, you’ll see some of that as well! But along with many other things that we’ll tell you about today in this post. Here are 45 things to see and do in Miami!

Accommodation in Miami

If you plan to move around the city a lot, a great place to stay is Miami Beach, and if it can be close to Lincoln Road, even better! There are a lot of appealing Airbnb options in the area but if you prefer a hotel, among our top recommendations are Odyssey of South Beach Hotel and Hotel Chelsea. As you’ll probably end up renting a car in Miami to move around, we recommend to look for accommodation with a parking space because parking in Miami is quite expensive and difficult (at least in Miami Beach).

Renting a Vehicle in Miami

It’s highly advisable to hire a car during your visit to Miami. It will make the trip and any potential excursions infinitely more convenient. We advise that you find the car you want to rent before even getting there so everything is arranged when you arrive. Pay special attention to unlimited kilometre options, additional driver and / or one way charges if you plan to return the vehicle to a different location. Finally, don’t forget to always carry your international driving license!

What to do in Miami

Do the Miami Contrasts Tour. Just like in New York, in Miami there are many cultures. You can appreciate the differences between them in this tour.

Take a bath on the beach either in August or December. And of course, take a picture of yourself at the guardhouse on the beach! One of the essential things to do in Miami.

Watch a spectacular sunset from the Hobie Island Beach Park North in Cayo Virgina.

Go for lunch, shopping or just stroll along Lincoln Road, the most important shopping street in Miami Beach. It is pedestrianized and was designed by Morris Lapidus in the 50s. Take a trip to the Kennedy Space Center, which you can do for free if you have rented a car or on an organized tour.

Go eat at Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine, one of the most famous restaurants in Little Havana where you can try authentic Cuban food at reasonable prices.

Swimin the immense Venetian Pool. A huge and beautiful pool created in 1923 in what was a rock quarry, is one of the most popular things to do in Miami.From the quarry came the stones with which they built the Coral Glabes mansions.The schedules and prices vary according to the month of the year so check online in advance.

Go see the Miami Lowe Art Museum, it is located on the campus of the University of Miami and admission is free.If you are going on Metrorail, the stop is “University”. From there, you have the free bus from the University of Miami directly to the Lowe Art Museum.

Go visit the Coral Castle. They say that Edward Leedskalnin, after his fiancée left him a day before his wedding, built this castle alone and without the help of anyone.He extracted and sculpted around 1,000,000 Kg of coral and it took him 28 years to carve and finish it. How he did it is still a mystery.

Visit the Museum of History of Miami, and know all its history in the four permanent galleries. Admission costs $ 10 for adults and $ 5 for children.

Take a trip to the Everglades National Park, one of the most famous in the world. You can do it for free if you go by rental car.


All in all, visiting Miami, no matter what attractions you decide to see, will be a blast. We hope our recommendations helped form the perfect itinerary.