8 Tips For A Longer Life By People Aged 113 to 122 Years Old

glass of brandy - Tips For A Longer Life

If you want to live a longer life then you should probably take the advice of these 8 very old people who have a combined age of nearly 1000 years!

1. Drink Mysterious Indian Elixir
ELIXIR - Tips For A Longer Life
When former Army Chaplain and minister Reg Dean gave turned 108 years he gave some secrets to his long life. “Good friends, a religion, looking for the best in people not the worst, and being a vegetarian for 30 years have all helped … but I can’t remember the other one.” Two years later when his father died at 110 years old, his son explained what that fifth secret was: “When he was out in India, just before World War I, he was given an elixir by a local there. He did a favour for one of the locals and this guy said, ‘drink this and you’ll live til at least 100.'” Dean supposedly drank the “muddy mixture,” and lived to be 110.

2. Have Olive Oil With Everything
olive oil - Tips For A Longer Life
Jeanne Calment passed away on August 4, 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days old, still the longest confirmed human lifespan on record. She recalled witnessing the Eiffel Tower being built. She smoked two cigarettes a day for almost 100 years and only quit when she was 117 after being too blind to see well enough to light her cigarette. She credited her extraordinary long life to drinking Port wine every day, eating two pounds of chocolate every week, and having extra virgin olive with everything except milk. She also rubbed on her skin daily.

3 Mind Your Own Business
mind your own business - Tips For A Longer Life
Retired school teach from Georgia, Besse Berry Cooper-Brown lived to be 116. She was very proud of her spotless voting record—since 1920, when the 19th Amendment was passed allowing women to vote. When her health was finally starting to fail in 1948 she credited her long life to refusing to eat junk food and “staying out of others’ business.”

4. Eat Bacon Everyday
eat bacon - Tips For A Longer Life
Susannah Mushatt Jones is the oldest resident of New York. She credits her long life to not smoking, drinking alcohol, partying, wearing makeup, or dyeing her hair.The 115 year old enjoys eating four strips of bacon every morning with scrambled eggs and grits. Her niece who looks after her said “if she doesn’t have her gum, barbecue chicken, or beloved bacon, I’ll get told off.

5. Drink A Glass Of Brandy Everyday
glass of brandy - Tips For A Longer Life
Emma Morano is 114 years old and is currently the oldest living person in Europe. Emma credits her long life to having chocolate on occasion, eating three eggs each day but most importantly drinking a glass of homemade brandy every day.

6. Smoke A Cigar Everyday
Smoke A Cigar Everyday - Tips For A Longer Life
Christian Mortensen died in 1998 at 115 years and 252 days old. He credited his long life to having many friends, not drinking alcohol, staying positive, singing, drinking lots of good quality boiled water and a cigar everyday which he smoked throughout his long life.

7. Don’t eat too much
Don't eat too much - Tips For A Longer Life
Japanese Jiroemon Kimura died in 2013 at the age of 116 years and 54 days old, currently the confirmed oldest man in recorded history. He ate a breakfast of porridge and for dinner miso soup with potatoes and vegetables every day and kept a positive attitude. His motto was “to eat light and live long,” never smoking, only moderately drinking alcohol, and eating until he is 80 percent full.

8. Bee Pollen And Honey Everyday
bee pollen and honey - Tips For A Longer Life
Fred Hale Sr. from Maine died in 2004 when he was 113 years old just a few weeks after seeing his long loved Boston Red Sox team win the World Series. He became the Guinness record holder for the oldest driver in the world when he was 108. Fred said he enjoyed the “occasional nip” of whiskey and every day ate bee pollen and honey.

Tips For A Longer Life

Source: MentalFloss