Tips and Tricks to Become a Successful Blogger

Blogging is one of the oldest and most effective ways for creative people to find their place in the crowded and hectic age of information, so much so that the blogging market has become saturated and it has become hard to get ahead.

One reason for this is that blogging can be a lucrative business, aside from it being an easy outlet for those who have things to say. Most people monetize their blogs to be compensated for the hard work that goes into blogging – because it is hard work.

However, it doesn’t need to be that hard when you do it the right way. Here are some tips and tricks to kick-start your blogging career:

Find your niche

A niche is basically what you mainly want to write about. You can’t just write whatever you want and expect anything to come of it. I mean, you can, but you will be putting an unnecessary burden on yourself.

There are as many niches as there are bloggers. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. With so many creative minds thinking of and finding places where they belong, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of niches are bound to arise.

To find yours, think of what you want to write about. What do you love? What topic do you think you have a lot to say? Do you want to be a lifestyle blogger and write guides and tips? Then read up on successful lifestyle blogs and see what they’re doing correctly. Are you into toys? Let your inner kid play and check out these cool toys for inspiration.

In finding your niche, two things are essential: write about something you love and do a lot of research about it.

Build the right foundation

It is no secret that part of having a successful blog starts from the foundation. This includes finding a good hosting platform and domain and even as rudimentary as building a great-looking and functional website. After all, your site is your first impression to the readers. No matter how good your content is, readers will be turned off by unprofessional-looking and inefficient websites.

Do your research. Read up on hosting platforms and domain names. Find what’s effective and make sure you weigh the pros and cons of all the options.

For your website, you can build it yourself if you have the skills for it. If not, then it’s better to consult or hire someone else and make it look awesome than to be frugal and produce a site that no one will like to visit. Differentiate yourself from the countless sites that provide high-quality content every day.


If part of becoming a successful blogger to you is making money out of it, then it’s a good idea to think and plan how you can monetize your blog.

Unless you find a golden egg, your blog is not going to earn you any money right from the start. There is no shortcut to it. Like everyone else before you, you have to start from the bottom. This is not to say that you can’t get ahead of those blogs that have already built some following.

Naturally, there are good practices you can follow if you want a possible money-making blog. Some of these practices include:

* Keyword-focused content

* Social media integration

* Site optimization for mobile use

* Optimized landing page

I know, I know, these all sound technical, and it might put you off. But there is no way around these if you’re looking for monetary success. These are essential to attracting a large following.

At first, you might have to find some alternative income streams while waiting for your blog to make money passively. There are a few options that can be worth looking into. There’s affiliate marketing; you can sell something, like ebooks and services; and you can even run ads if your site has met the requirements for it.

Be yourself and keep going

No matter how good your website looks and how in-depth you go with your digital marketing strategies, you can’t build a large and loyal following if you just blog as an excuse for making money. Blogging is an entrepreneurial engine, but it can be a way to find your voice. It’s not enough that you gain followers, you must gain followers that stick with you. Honesty and transparency are the key.

Your site’s visitors read blogs, not just because of the helpful, informative, or entertaining words on the screen. They read blogs because they see and hear a person behind the words. There’s a personality, a unique voice. That’s what would make them come back again and again – to hear that someone, to hear you.

Lastly, don’t give up just because it doesn’t work out right off the bat. It doesn’t work like that. The key, as with other creative pursuits, is to keep going. Make mistakes and learn from them. Then do better next time.

Before you go, one last thing

Finding the right niche, sticking to it, building a great foundation, and creating informed and effective marketing strategies are indispensable when you want to be a successful blogger. But more than those things, be honest in your pursuit of success and never cheat your audience. Your audience are the ones who will define whether you’re a successful blogger or not. Know them and think of what they want to read, but don’t pander.

As I said, there is no shortcut to being a successful blogger.