The Top Reasons Why Modular Building Extensions Make Sense over Traditional Buildings

When you need to have an extension for your property, whether you have a commercial property, home or domestic property, it pays to have an extension which can give you the utmost functionality, efficiency, low cost, and flexibility.

And this is precisely where modular building extensions come in. Modular building extensions are fast becoming the byword in building extensions because they are not only lightweight, flexible, inexpensive, and easy to construct, but they also come in an extensive array of modern designs, with great features, good insulation, and, most of all, they are portable as well. If you are thinking of adding a building extension to your property and are still wondering if modular buildings are an ideal choice, here are the top reasons why modular building extensions make sense over traditional buildings.

A faster installation speed

If you opt for a modular structure as an extension to an existing building, you’ll be surprised at how fast the installation is. As a matter of fact, a modular building extension will often take less than 50% of the installation time required for a traditional structure. In a few days, you can have a completely finished modular building extension, and this is often a great choice if you are pressed for time or need the extension right away (such as is the case with schools, temporary warehouses, storage facilities, or factories, and office or retail spaces).

A minimum amount of disruption

Many building and construction projects can cause a lot of disruption, not just to your premises, but also to your daily operations. But this isn’t the case with modular building extensions. Modular buildings are built off-site, which minimises both dirt and noise in the premises, and since it is built off-site in a facility, disruptions due to the weather are non-existent as well. The connections to the current building can be easily made by modifying or changing windows into doors, for instance, and balconies can then also be attached to the modular structures, thereby limiting disruption and installation time as well.

A reduction in infrastructure on-site

With modular building extensions, you can also reduce the infrastructure which is required on site – and this includes a reduction in the number of workers needed on-site as well as facilities needed on site and storage and equipment required on site. And since the period of construction can be reduced by as much as 50%, you can also save time when it comes to preparing the site itself. Another bonus is the fact that the disposal of waste – and your responsibilities for waste disposal – are also reduced by as much as 20% compared to traditional construction.

An extension which you can relocate

Although you may not need it, it’s still a good thing to know that you can actually relocate your modular building extension whenever necessary. The significant aspect of this option is that you can easily maintain the integrity of the structure even when it is relocated, which means that you can retain its value as an asset, too. And when you have a modular building extension, particularly for areas such as the roof, you don’t need to go through the hassle and expense of relocating the current building’s occupants – everyone can stay put and experience as little disruption as possible.

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