The Test For Security And Fairness In Online Casinos

It’s no more news that security and fairness have been a major cause for concern amongst people when it comes to online gambling. It’s a fact that all reputable online casinos are made to pass through the strict game control procedures as is prevalent in land-based casinos. Meanwhile, all Novibet online casino games meet the below criteria. Take the chance.

1. The SSL concept

One of such is the implementation of SSL in all reputable online casinos. SSL is a technology that ensures that there are no worries with regards to the sharing of personal and financial information online. It is indicated by a green padlock located near the URL and begins with https.

Regardless of the device being used for playing, SSL encryption transforms your data into what resembles a random text in an instant manner. This is as a result of a highly complicated algorithm which is being implemented and is impossible to crack. The encrypted text is the only detail that is transmitted to the casino.

SSL is very secure. This is because many casinos use the 128-bit SSL. The online casino uses a key that comprises 128 zeroes and ones which ensure that players who visit the site are protected. Therefore, a hacker who is intent on stealing player information would have to use a key which is exactly the same order of ones and zero. A virtually impossible feat!

It must be noted that this security implementation is separate from the firewalls, and other third-party security services that the casino may choose to put in place.

2. All spins are guaranteed to be fair in online casinos.

Online casinos have relied on independent agencies to conducts tests on their games for fairness for more than a decade. These agencies, namely, GLI, eCOGRA, etc, are highly reputable and implement very thorough and rigorous testing

processes and methods. The results of the tests conducted by these bodies on the casinos can often be found on the casino’s website alongside other information.

This means that regardless of the game you opt to play in an online casino with the exception of live dealers, a random number generator powers the action. Auditors can determine if the RNG is biased or not by carrying out the analysis of millions of game rounds in the process of testing.

As at now, almost all the reputable online casinos have their credibility proven fair by these tests. Therefore, the odds of a player emerging as a winner are not influenced by any form of game mechanics in favor of the casino.