If you are looking for an interesting read that is a change from the norm then check out these 10 reads, they are the most weirdest books available to buy today.

It’s unbelievable some of the nonsense some people publish.

1. Discover What Bird Has Pooped On Your Car With This Informative Book

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 1

If you have ever wondered what bird is responsible for dirtying your car then this book is for you. This handy field guide helps identify birds by their droppings with full description and illustrations.

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2. Learn How To Use Your Cat’s Lost Hair For Making Cute Crafts

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 2

Cat owners know too well about the annoyance of finding lost cat hair around the home but instead of throwing it away why not have some fun and make cute crafts from this unwanted cat hair. The book teaches how to make tote bags, finger puppets, book covers, picture frames, and lots more.

3. This Book Is More Likely To Terrify A Child Than Comfort Them.

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 3

This book was published back in 1990, when Satanic ritual abuse cases were on the rise. It was written to make children feel comfortable telling their parents about possible abuse. Unfortunatly the pictures are so disturbing this book is more likely to terrify your children.

4. This Is A Book Everyone Needs

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 4

Ever stumbled upon a stray cart and wondered where it came from? With this field guide you can now discover the origins of every cart you come across North America. How can you live without such a book? Buy It On Amazon

5. This Book Claims Aliens Were Responsible For Biblical Miracles

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 5

UFO enthusiast Barry Downing explains his theories about the connection between the stories in the bible and aliens. The wheel of Ezekiel, the chariot that took Elijah to heaven, and many more biblical myths are referred as being the work of extraterrestrials and miracles of God. Buy It On Amazon

6. This Book Claims The Nazis Were The Forefathers Of The Green Movement

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 6

According to this book while the Nazis were killing millions of people during World War II they were actually environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. Even if they were, its not what they’ll be remembered for. Buy It On Amazon

7. An Encyclopedia About A Parallel World with Indecipherable Text

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 7

This book was published in 1981 and gives a detailed look into a parallel universe. With unreadable text and bizarre illustrations this book will certainly leave you feeling confused. Buy It From Amazon

8. A Book With Horses Teaching Children How To Say “No” To Drugs

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 8

Even though this educational book is intended to warn children off drugs the crude drawings of three horse sisters drinking, smoking, and partaking in drugs is more likely to have you in fits of laughter. How do they hold anything with hooves? Buy It On Amazon

9. How To Offer Condolences With Cute Baby Animals

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 9

If you have trouble being the bearer of bad news then these condolence cards may be the answer. Use these pictures of cute kittens, puppies, ducklings, and bunnies to deliver the bad news. Buy It On Amazon

10. How To Have A Successful Career Making Meat-Filled Dumplings

Ten Of The Most Weirdest Books On Sale Today 10

If your dream is to have a career in making dumplings then this book can help. It teaches how to land a top Perogi makers job with the use of charts, worksheets, and cheat sheets. After you master the technique in this book the job offers will be rolling in.

What is the weirdest book you have ever read?

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