SHOCKING VIDEO: Girl Falls Asleep On Bike And Crashes Into Truck

Guy Falls Asleep On Bike And Crashes Into Truck

A girl fell asleep while riding her scooter in the early hours of the morning and veered onto the other side of the road putting herself on a head to head collision with an oncoming truck.

The motorcyclist has a lucky escape and narrowly misses going under the truck She ends up instead crashing into the side of the vehicle.

Watch the shocking video below which took place in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai.

Falling asleep or not paying attention when you are handling any kind of motorized vehicle can be dangerous, but doing so on a scooter bike and not wearing a protective helmet on your head can prove deadly.

Luckily for her, the driver of the oncoming truck from the other lane saw her and made a quick maneuver at the last second avoiding a deadly head-on collision.

The woman hit her head on the side of the lorry and fell down from the motorcycle, but all told, she should feel extremely fortunate for living another day to tell the tale.

Source: Car Scoop

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