Are you dreaming of a shiny new car? What about escaping for a while on a much-needed holiday?

For some this is the best motivation to get up, go to work and make that money. Money is what you’ll need if you want to sign the papers for that new ride or board that plane to far off lands. Unless you are very fortunate this kind of cash isn’t easy to acquire quickly, making a secured loan a very popular option if you want something fast. Check out Secured Personal Loans with Newcastle Permanent for a great way of financing your dreams now. Of course, there are ways of maximising your cash flow, bringing your goals closer with each frugal method applied.

Shape up!

A strong way of saving your cash? Get healthy! There are a multitude of different ways to exercise with no equipment for free, no need to join a gym just get out there and start exercising. Healthy people are happier people and in addition to saving a bundle on medical bills you will save money on healthier food alternatives.

Lean grocer

Healthy eating habits can translate to lower grocery bills. Obviously less food is less money, but fruit and vegetables are extremely cheap compared to dense unhealthy frozen food and take away. By leaning down your shopping list and excluding luxury food items you can put a lot more money aside each week. Planning meals enables you to build a core stock of ingredients that can be used in multiple meals. Buying in bulk can also net you savings especially if you can buy bulk meat at a special price.

Less excess

Paying for utilities can be so menial that it almost becomes an abstract concept. There seems to be little thought given to energy or water use until you receive that outrageous bill. Simple tricks can lower your costs significantly with the added perk of lowering your environmental footprint. Minimise electricity use by switching of lights and appliances when not in use. Dressing to the temperature will reduce your heating and cooling costs. Doing only full loads in the washing machine and dishwater can reduce water use. If you can reign in your resource consumption, the less your bills will be more money you can put away.

Banking on it

Have a look at your current bank accounts. Minimising the amount accounts you have will reduce fees. There a multitude of different bank accounts that cater towards certain needs, make sure you are taking full advantage of what’s on offer. If you are a student, then you can save on fees and enjoy added benefits of a student specific savings account. Visit Newcastle Permanent today and find a savings account that will actually help you save.

The 30 day rule

This is a simple but effective way of controlling impulse spending. When you see something that catches your eye, whether that be a new jacket, a phone case or a new laptop, do not purchase straight away. Write down the item, its price and the store you saw it in.

Add a note to your calendar thirty days after your initial interest in the item. Hold back on your potential purchase until theses 30 days have expired. When the date arrives be honest with yourself: do you still badly want it? If you do, you might well need it, consider purchasing it. Many impulse buys will keep you from reaching your savings goals. By delaying the gratification of purchase lets you be clear headed about potential purchases.

Applying a few simple tricks and some self-control can net some impressive savings. A loan can get you what you want quickly, coupled with these money saving tips you can even pay of the loan quicker or save for the next big-ticket item.