Roulette Game Summary

If nobility exists among most played casino games in Canada, then online roulette is king.

This exciting game has been a favourite among notable gambling fans since the 18th century. It is even rumoured that a young Napoleon Bonaparte was mesmerized by it and played regularly in Monte Carlo.

Its seductiveness stems from the combined effects of its simple design and the nervous excitement it inspires: a big bet is placed on a small ball and fortunes are won and lost in seconds.

Its ability to distil our every hope and desire, and focus it on the single spin of a wheel is what has kept it at the head of the casino games’ class. The game is so fashionable that many brick and mortar casinos reserve a large part of their floor for its tables, and attribute much of their success to its continued popularity.

The roulette game rules are extremely straight-forward

The advent of the internet and the proliferation of online casino games have only served to increase this popularity, delivering online roulette to desktops around the world and to the homes of players who would not otherwise endure the expense and hassle of travel to land casinos.

The principle of an online roulette game – house rules notwithstanding – is awe-inspiringly simple: place your chip(s) on a number or a combination of numbers on the table; spin the wheel; watch the ball circle the wheel; wait, wait, wait for the wheel to stop spinning as your adrenalin rises; and check, when it does, on which number the ball landed. If it is the number(s) you selected, you win.

It is both that simple and that hard, which is what makes it so exciting.

However, understanding the game in detail—whether the French or American version—is recommended before you go betting your bankroll on lucky number seven