Purchase Discounted Home from Houston We Buy Houses Company

When it comes to finding a home, one market that you would normally compete against is cash home buyers. However, there’s good news in that.

They’ve already done all of the necessary paperwork on their end and purchased the home from the seller for an as-is price, and they can give you huge discounts when it comes to buying your home from them. That’s not all. Keep reading to find out!

More than As-Is

If you’re not looking to buy a house with cash as-is, many house buying companies that buy cash houses even offer lower rates when it comes to financing the home out to you, which means you can save money in the long run because they’re not going to sell the home for quite the high percentage rate, or even the higher price that a realtor or a bank would be selling it.

What if the House was Foreclosed?

If the house was bought on foreclosure, then you don’t have to have the added stress of paying for everything all at once (taxes, etc.) Many times, there are payment options also that are even foreclosed so you can ensure that it doesn’t happen to you. Many times, you’ll pay taxes in the future with the actual house payments (it’s often included in the price and payments when you’re financing through a cash home buyer).

Do I Need Insurance to Buy from a Cash Home Buying Company?

It is a good general practice to get insurance for the home anyway, and it’s often a requirement when you’re purchasing a home from a cash home buyer. This strictly covers the home from any damages so that way neither you, nor the home buying company is liable which you are buying the house from. If you pay the cash outright price to buy the home, it may not seem necessary, but it’s the best thing to protect you and your new home to be.

What About Repairs?

When you’re purchasing a home as-is, you are liable for any and all repairs. Many times even if you’re financing a home that is as-is, this still applies. This isn’t always necessary though. There are plenty of homes on the market from a cash buying company that don’t even really need repairs, which makes them the perfect option because you’re getting even more a long-range discount by not having to do a bunch of work on it. You can find a full inventory by checking out https://expresshoustonhomebuyer.com. What About the Land?

If a house that you’re purchasing from a Houston house buying company is in need of too much extensive repair, or the house is in terrible shape and needs to be demolished, you’ll know in advance what you’re paying for rather than seeing tons of beautiful pictures of the home and not knowing what you’re getting into. Many of these almost condemned homes however are on excellent plots of land, which make up more than 80% of the property value. That alone can save you thousands of dollars when purchasing a home.