Private Investigators in Los Angeles 2019 Rankings List

Private investigators play a very critical role in helping corporations, law enforcement agencies, and individuals. Some of the duties and responsibilities include conducting research for criminal, financial, or legal investigations, and finding missing persons.

Private investigators have the decision to work for businesses, attorneys, and private citizens. Also, they can opt to run their own agency. Although not a lot of people think highly of private investigators, they could, by and large, help a person in many ways.

If you’re living in Los Angeles, here are the best private investigators that you might want to consider. Read on!

Tristar Investigation

Tristar Investigation is a Los Angeles-based full-service detective agency that assists people all over California with investigative concerns. For about thirty years, their team of seasoned and licensed private investigators has offered a professional and personal approach to the services they provide.

Plus, their team of private investigators has in-depth knowledge or background in law enforcement. Tristar Investigation is a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services, the California Association of Licensed Investigators, and the National Association of Legal Investigators.

You can visit their website at to know more about this agency.

Armando Zatarain Investigations

This private investigation agency is based in Newport. Armando Zatarain Investigations serves all of Northern and Southern California. Their team of well-trained private detectives knows the significance of both video recorded documentation and written documentation.

Armando Zatarain Investigations deals with cases efficiently, affordably, and fast. Moreover, they are a part of the association called the California Narcotic Officers’ Association.

Doerner Investigations

This private detective service is based in Agoura Hills. Doerner Investigations provides the citizens of Los Angeles protection services, security services, and private investigation services.

The lead investigator and owner Amy Doerner keeps updated on the modifications in the laws and industry. Plus, Amy Doerner embraces new technologies and tools that will give an edge to her practice or profession.

Doerner Investigations is connected to the California Association of Licensed Investigators, as well as Protective Services and Precision Security.

Corinthian Group

This private investigations service is a faith-based agency. Corinthian Group is situated in Ontario, California. They specialize in the surveillance for welfare investigation cases, child custody cases, infidelity cases, and compensation fraud cases for workers.

Corinthian Group is proficient in the use of modern technology, helping them solve cases quickly. Their team of private investigators has a strong sense of integrity and is equipped with qualified experience to offer clients with the best results. Furthermore, this private investigation agency provides a free phone consultations.

Empire Pacific investigative Service

This consultation or investigation firm is West Hollywood-based that provides an extensive range of investigative services. Each investigative service is discretely tailored to the specific needs of the clients.

Established in 1993, Empire Pacific Investigative Service has been involved in fraud investigation cases, employee theft, missing person searches, child support investigations, domestic surveillance, and infidelity investigations. In 2015, this firm was rated A in the Top Investigative Agencies in Los Angeles.

Groves Investigations

Groves Investigations is an insured and licensed private investigation agency located in Palos Verdes Peninsula. It is owned and managed by a former sheriff in Los Angeles with at least thirty years of experience.

Groves Investigations provide high levels of discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism in offering services like domestic surveillance, locating individuals, and compensation investigations for workers. In addition, child custody investigations, litigation support, asset investigation, background checks, and general inspection. This firm is a part of the California Association of Licensed Investigators.

G.E. Investigations

This private investigation firm is located in Studio City, Los Angeles. G.E. Investigations provides an extensive range of private investigation services. This firm makes use of a combo of cutting equipment and extensive experience.

Thus, providing services like finding missing persons, process server services, covert custom encased cameras, physical surveillance, and criminal and civil investigations. G.E. Investigations have advanced investigative tools and expertise prerequisite in conducting comprehensive forensic data recovery, narcotics field tests, and fraud investigations.

Furthermore, this private investigation firm is an insured, bonded, and licensed company that provides discounts to civil servants and military personnel. Also, they offer free phone consultation.

Hover View Investigations

Hover View Investigations is located in the heart of L.A. They offer affordable and cost-effective services from private detectives who leverage their hi-tech resources and expertise to assist businesses, employers, and insurance companies with asset search, background checks, hire bodyguards, missing person location, and many more.

This private detective firm is a part of the United State Association of Private Investigators.


Private investigators help businesses, lawyers, and individuals search for information that’s not directly accessible. They do background checks, corporate investigations, insurance investigations, social media investigations, domestic investigations, and many more. If ever you need their service, you can refer to the list in this article.