Predator Motorcycle - COOL OR CRAZY

Check out this monster Predator Motorcycle, the guys responsible for creating this alien bike are from Jersey based – Pitstop Motors and specialize in building custom motorbikes.

The Predator motorcycle started of as a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa and after some added skulls and airbrushing it ended up this monster machine.

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Predator Motorcycle - COOL OR CRAZY

Apparently when the owner picked it up and took it out for a spin, he ended up getting booked by the police, because people were holding up traffic to stop and stare at his predator bike.



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This predator bike is totally insane. The guys that put this together are really talented and I can imagine this bike scares the pants of other motorists. If you ever see this machine speeding up behind you let it pass.

What do you think of the predator motorbike, is it cool or crazy? Tell us in the comments box below.