Pet Training - How To Make Your Dog Happy PET TRAINING

Here is a little pet training tip, if you want to make your dog ecstatically happy then take him to wheat field and let him jump and run around like crazy as shown in this following video.

Is that the most happiest dog you have ever seen?

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If you have any other pet training tips on how to make dogs happy then share them below.

This video was uploaded by Dog Work who help to find homes for wonderful pets from hundreds of rescue groups.

Did You Know?

33% of dog owners admit that they have talked to their dogs on the phone.

The common belief that dogs are color blind is false. Dogs can see color, but it is not as vivid a color scheme as we see. They distinguish between blue, yellow, and gray, but probably do not see red and green. This is much like our vision at twilight.

An estimated 1 million dogs in the United States have been the primary beneficiary in the owners will.

The dachshund is one of the oldest dog breeds in history (dating back to ancient Egypt.) The name comes from one of its earliest uses – hunting badgers. In German, Dachs means “badger,” Hund is “hound.”

Dalmatian puppies are pure white when they are born and develop their spots as they grow older.

Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.

If your dog’s acting funny, get out the umbrella! According to a Pet, 72% of dog owners believe their dog can detect when stormy weather is on the way.

Unlike humans who sweat everywhere, dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet.

Dogs’ noses secrete a thin layer of mucous that helps them absorb scent. They then lick their noses to sample the scent through their mouth.