11 Pet Health Care Tips To keep Your Pets Happy

11 Pet Health Care Tips To keep Your Pets Happy - Pet Health

If you want your pet to have a full and happy life then you need to make sure that they are well looked after, so here are eleven pet health care tips to help your pet live a long and happy life.

1. Don’t Take New Born Puppies Or Kittens Out Doors

If you have a new puppy or kitten, it may be tempting to take it out to meet the neighbors or organize a pet shower to introduce him to your friends, but do resist it until your new pet is at least a month old. Very young animals are physically and emotionally vulnerable; therefore, it is best to keep them indoors while slowly helping them mingle with just the family members initially.

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2. Keep them Protected From The Cold

If you have a hairy breed, try not to trim his coat too short during the winter months – the hair will provide the best possible insulation to his body. For those with short hair, we strongly recommend investing in a few good pieces of winter clothing.

3. Ensure Your Pet’s Sleeping Area Is Clean And Comfortable

Make a proper sleeping space for your pet right from the beginning. Make it weather appropriate, and ensure that it is kept clean. Hygiene is essential to maintaining health, not just in humans but in pets too.

4. Schedule Regular Vet Visits

Pets may not be the best communicators of their problems. There are times when they may even try deliberately to hide any signs of trouble due to a primitive tendency of avoiding to appear vulnerable. Preventive medical checkups, therefore, become necessary at regular intervals.

11 Pet Health Care Tips To keep Your Pets Happy 2

5. Get Your Pets Neutered or Spayed

Female pets stand a moderate risk of cancer and uterine infections besides the chances of unwanted pregnancies. Spaying her at the right time will prevent many possible health threats and will also save you the trouble of managing heat cycles.

In males, neutering can lead to friendlier behavior and also reduces the animals natural instinct to roam.

6. Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Regularly

Tooth problems are very common in pets. Many people erroneously think of bad breath to be normal, when it is actually a sign of some pet health problem. Regular brushing and using oral solutions keeps these issues at bay and lets your pet enjoy their favorite meals uninterrupted by any unpleasant toothaches!

7. Don’t Let Your Pet Get Obese

Obesity is more of a concern for animals than it is for us humans. They become a disease magnet if their weight goes beyond regular limits. Therefore, irrespective of how lovely the chubby fur balls look, you have to keep a check on their weight in order for your pet to live a long life.

8. Monitor Their Nutritional Intake

Get a pet health list of how much nutrition your pet needs at every age and aim at providing them with the ideal amounts of everything they need each day. Some knowledge and some monitoring will pay off with an agile pet forever ready to please you.

9. Stick Strictly to the Vaccination Schedule

Give your pet all the recommended vaccinations, just as you would your own child. It will protect their health as well as the health of the rest of your family by preventing against any communicable infections.

10. Groom your pet regularly

You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money taking your pet to fancy pet salons. All you need to do for a pretty pet is regular wash, trim and brush them. In addition, if you want to pamper your pet, a luxurious spa never hurts!

11. Don’t Let You Pets Fight

You love all your pets and they all love you, but how they feel for one another could be a rather shady area! Pets generally are attention seekers and this may subsequently lead to competition and jealousy. Try to watch over them and prevent any heated situations or they may end up hurting one another. You may need some animal management skills for keeping more than one pet under the same roof.

Do you know of any other pet health care tips?

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