Faith the 2 legged dog walks tall

Faith is a two legged dog who has triumphed over her handicap and mastered walking upright on her back two legs. She’s become an model to a lot of people and has given hope to many military troops who’ve been wounded during service.

How To Turn Away Visitors To Your Blog

Growing a blog is like growing a plant. It takes time and patience but once it’s grown it’s all maintenance from there. There are lots of blogs out there so you need to make sure that you are taking a good quality approach to building up your following. There are however some very important areas to not venture into if you truly want to build a brand, visitors or an audience to your blog.

Most Expensive Rolex Watch Sells For $1.176 million

An extremely rare Rolex watch has just set a new record for being the most expensive Rolex watch in the world. The stainless steel chronograph Rolex is dated back to 1942 and sold for an astonishing $1.176 million at Christie’s Important Watches sale in Geneva.