Morning Exercise: Tips on Sticking to Your Morning Fitness Routine

Working out in the morning is an idea worth giving careful thought. It has a myriad of benefits; to mention just a few, it helps to cut off cravings, gives you amazing energy throughout the day, and improves your brainpower.

Also, it minimizes the chances of you skipping your daily workout, hence enabling you to stick to your routine, as it is easier to exercise in the morning when you are not yet tired and have the strongest willpower. You will most likely work out harder and for a longer duration, thereby burning more calories.

All the same, some people are not early birds and struggle to exercise in the morning. So, how can you manage to stick to waking up early and going to the gym, jogging or running on the road or on the track, or doing any other workout?

Avoid the morning scavenger hunt

You should not miss your morning workout because you cannot find your shoes, socks, sports bra, or any other piece of your workout apparel. To avoid such a hassle, prepare your items the night before and place them where you can easily reach them. This way, you will not waste any time hysterically looking for your crucial accessories. You may even consider preparing the whole week’s clothes in one place so that when you wake up, you simply throw on the outfit and get going.

Eat an appropriate breakfast

Exercising while hungry is not good for your energy levels or for your metabolism. As such, you should prepare a healthy snack for the early morning and put it in the fridge, so as to quickly eat it while you get ready for the workout. You can have a slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter, a healthy smoothie, or sliced apples with cheese. All these options are great pre-workout snacks. If you do not like eating before working out, ensure that you eat your breakfast shortly afterwards. You can also consider supplementing your meals with some fabulous steroids from Steroids Evolution to boost your strength and increase your lean muscle mass.

Go to sleep early

Make sure you turn yourself in early and set your alarm clock to be up in good time for your morning exercise. In case you continuously snooze your alarm, try placing the alarm clock far away, for example in another room, so you will have to get up to turn it off.

Make a deal with a friend

Make a fitness date with a workout buddy and ensure it is in the morning. This way, you will feel obliged to honor the commitment, no matter how much your mind and body try to convince you otherwise.

Psyche yourself up with something interesting

Check the group class schedule at your gym or studio and pick one that is interesting and motivating enough for you to be looking forward to it. For example, a great dancing class, like Zumba, at about 6 a.m. in the company of your favorite instructor can make you dash out of bed. You can also create or buy a new workout playlist to motivate you, if music is your thing.


You will surely wake up and get down to a serious workout with some or all of the above tips. You can even have a treat ready for yourself after the workout, like a cup of coffee or your favorite cereal, which will incentivize you to work out faster.