Mixing Different Interior Styles in the Office

More recently, symmetry, natural and logical combination of colors, strict adherence to the same style were the principles on which the creation of an interior design.

But time goes by and modern trends have been actively influenced from the outside. Different styles began to mix with each other, creating unusual and very harmonious combinations.

Everyone who wants to try himself as a designer asks the standard question: “Can I combine styles as a professional? Try to get out of the comfort zone and experiment with a lot of materials, textures, paints, and things, and we will help you to set the vector that will lead you to the perfect interior.

There are directions that are as if created to be used in tandem. However, you need to remember that if you decide to combine different styles in the interior, then apply the principle of domination, in which one style acts as the main (decoration, colors, furniture), and the second is used as an accent (accessories and decorative items).

One of the most amazing interior combinations is the combination of classic and modern styles. It would seem how the restrained nature of the classic direction can coexist next to the newfangled trends?

Despite the fact that this is a very bold combination, which must be thought out to the smallest detail, you can get a brilliant result, adhering to the principle of a common color scheme. Uniformity can be achieved if to give to classical subjects of furniture modern appearance. For this purpose use textiles with suitable on style ornament.

The classical style also is perfectly combined with traditional directions. It can be modern, empire, neoclassical. The laconic and restrained features of such interior are able to look harmoniously in combination with Provence, country and vintage style. Classic restrains excessive romanticism and originality of these directions. How to melt the ice of Scandinavian style? Neutrality of Scandinavian style allows to combine it with many directions. The underlined avarice in colour scale and restraint in registration do its similarity with minimalism. It is these qualities that make it possible to create one of the most successful combinations in the interior.

Angular features and smooth surfaces, which are inherent in minimalism, are perfectly complemented by functional furniture and natural materials of the scandinavian style.

In addition to the obvious combination, the Scandinavian direction is also in harmony with the countryside. Romantic flyer, vintage furniture, and natural motifs soften the Nordic style.

The abundance of natural materials in Scandinavian interiors allows combining this direction with ethnic motives. Animalistic prints, national ornaments, and stylized decorative elements look great against the background of traditional white walls.

In many Scandinavian interiors, you can find objects in retro style. Due to the fact that both directions were born at approximately the same time, they are harmoniously combined.

Wooden furniture of the past years, old lamp TVs and unusual decorative items look original among modern and functional things.

The heart of the city in the industrial style Such styles as industrial and loft stand out from the others for their special atmosphere.

Which other direction can boast such a colorful combination of antiques and the latest technology, rough finish, and ultramodern materials?

The industrial and loft are often combined with the Scandinavian style, which “animates” their rough factory atmosphere with the help of natural materials, functional and attractive furniture and graphic decor.

Due to the fact that the industrial and loft do not impose great requirements on the design, they can be combined with the style of retro. Antique things, stylized plumbing, and furniture look great against the background of concrete and brick walls.

Stylistic assortment The less the style of conventions and frames, the better it is combined with other styles. There are several directions that are united by a common idea: harmonious organization of improvised disorder.

First of all, they include boho, fusion, and eclecticism. These styles complement each other perfectly and are combined with other directions.

At first glance, these directions look rather chaotic, but they have a clear logic. They will not allow combining more than three styles at the same time, and the transitions between them should be very natural and organic.

The eclectic direction is characterized by the predominance of natural pastel shades. Thanks to this feature, it is perfectly complemented by various classic elements, furniture, and decorations.

The inimitable and unique boho is most often preferred by creative people. This style creates the illusion of disorder, but it does not look like a flea market. Each object is in its exact place and hides the hours of perfect selection and combination with other things.

Boho is at ease with the eco-style thanks to his dedication to natural materials. It also blends perfectly with ethnic motifs, retro-style objects and even vintage objects and expensive textiles borrowed from the glamorous style.

Not everyone is able to immerse themselves in the philosophy of creative disorder, so try to choose the most appropriate combination of directions with the help of good choice of furniture at the website. The main thing is to find common features in a combination of styles, and then you can achieve a great result.