When you’re a medical practitioner, you don’t always have the time to answer every call that comes in, let alone your staff.

What’s most important is that after hours, when you and your staff have to go home, there is still a need for people to make appointments, and get answers or customer support that they could possibly get when you’re open. That’s not all medical professional telephone answering services do however, but we’ll get into that shortly.

What do Medical Answering Services Do?

Well of course, an answering service’s primary job when it comes to your medical practice is answering calls. But what kind of calls do they answer? Companies like Answering365 handle all different types of calls. From appointment scheduling, all the way to even solicitations, or other calls that can become a burden to have to deal with. Many pharmaceutical representatives often call the doctors, and a good answering service will be able to handle those calls, and represent you properly so you don’t have to be bothered by it. This call screening is a very important for you so you won’t be distracted during your operational hours.

Another thing these answering services can do for you is literally act like your virtual office assistant. They can forward calls in real-time if there are preferences you choose to have them auto-forwarded. At the same time, during those after hours, they can even help be a dispatch service and if there are certain calls that come in that you are okay with handling after hours, they can properly get ahold of you or help the patient do so.

What Do You Get?

When you sign up with a medical answering service, you get great customer service, and they’ll build a custom package for you based on their packages and what you need. Some don’t offer this and only have standardized packages, while others such as Answering365 have customizable options, like e-mail forwarding of messages, and even a very extensive “client portal” that literally lets you log in and see everything.

You can see notes of calls that were taken, as well as see what the resolutions were, and how they operated and handled the calls you were unable to answer. At the same time, you get a company who is meant not only to represent you, but act as a speaking role literally for your companies. Some of the best call centers follow all laws applicable, and manage to still be able to speak to a customer so well and know your business ins and outs so they won’t even think they’re speaking to a call center representative instead of someone from your own office directly.


Answering365 is a one of a kind company that can offer to be the best medical answering service that you could ever ask for. They literally are a partner to your business and make you feel like you are dealing with someone that your patients and yourself can trust. Because of this, they offer a variety of services that are literally custom-tailored to the services and features that you need if one of their basic packages doesn’t suffice. If you call them, they’ll even give you free consultation and help you figure out just what features you’ll need for your practice. Visit them today at blog.answering365.com/topic/medical-answering-service.