Massachusetts Firm Wants To Pay For Your Poo

A company in Massachusetts are looking for people to donate their poo and actually willing to pay for it. You can earn $40 dollars per deposit and also be happy to know that you are contributing to saving lives.

The Massachusetts company is called OpenBiome and they need your poo for fecal transplants in order to fight the deadly superbug C. difficile. This bug affects around half a million people in America and kills 14,000 people per year.

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Fecal transplants are a relatively new procedure that are becoming more popular lately thus leading to the requirement of lots of crap.

C. difficile is a bacterial infection that is usually contracted by hospital patients. Symptoms are fever, painful cramps, severe diarrhoea, and in some cases death.

But luckily there is a cure, your poo!!!

To be eligible as a donor you must be between the ages of 18 and 50 and having regular bowel movements. Once you sign up you need to make at least 4 donations a week and if you can manage more OpenBiome will give you a bonus of $50 dollars.

To reduce embarrassment the Massachusetts company nickname all their volunteers such as ‘super pooper’, ‘Vladimir Pootin’, or ‘Winnie the Poo’.

So next time you are in the toilet just think, you could be making money from your poop if you take it to Massachusetts.

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