Jack Russell Terrier Checks Out What Its Like To Run In The Snow

Jack Russell Terrier Checks Out The What Its Like To Run In The Snow

This little Jack Russell Terrier checks out whats it is like to run around in deep snow in this funny video and as you can imagine this poor little pup can hardly see where she is going.

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It’s a good thing this little lady has a powerful nose, because her eyes can’t be doing much good under all that snow.

The Jack Russell terrier, named Kia, is determined to find her ball, no matter what stands in her way. Even if — as is the case here — what stands in her way is snow that’s deeper than she is tall.

Her owner noted on YouTube, “Kia was having problems finding her tennis ball. She is absolutely obsessed with it and just won’t stop fetching it. No matter what (sun, snow, water, uphill, downhill, danger… :)”

Remember, the Humane Society recommends that owners follow these tips to keep their pets warm and safe during the winter, in order to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

Fortunately, Kia seems to be under close supervision. Who knew determination could be so cute?

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Bonus Fun Facts About Jack Russell Terriers

1. Jack Russells were first bred in the 1800s

2. They arose from the selective breeding of Fox Terriers

3. Jack Russells were originally bred to be hunting dogs

4. The gene that gives Jack Russells their predominantly white color is linked to the gene that makes JRTs prone to deafness.

5. They are one of only a few dog breeds to be named after the person who bred them

6. Real purebred Jack Russells have ears that bend down toward the front of their heads

7. Jack Russells have great endurance for long-distance running

8. Most Jack Russells are descended from a bitch called Trump

Jack Russell Terrier Checks Out What Its Like To Run In The Snow