How to Stay Home When You Own a Traveling Website?

Traveling is fascinating, and many people create their own websites to share their excitement with the world. However, not everybody can spend their life constantly on the road. Some travel bloggers are forced to have jobs, and here is when maintaining a traveling website can turn into torture.

Searching for new content, creating your own content may once get unbearable. You don’t want to look for any tools, such as plagiarism checker or Google AdWords, to ensure your website’s optimal quality. Each new trip turns into quite a distant possibility, and you gradually but inevitably dive into depression.

So, how to stay home and not to lose your mind when you own a traveling website? Let’s find it out now.

Find a Hobby

This is an obvious tip, but so many people forget that there is life besides traveling. Going to other countries, breathing in their beauty and culture is all wonderful. But unless you are a millionaire or a productive freelancer, it cannot last forever. Thus, you need to find a hobby to fill in the dull days between trips.

While maintaining a traveling website may count as a hobby, it is actually detrimental to your sanity and mental well-being. Searching for new exciting opportunities that you cannot take, writing about places you’ve never been and don’t have money to visit in the next couple years. It is painful if you really care about traveling.

The best way to fight the urge and the feeling of hopelessness is to get distracted. Think about something you’ve always enjoyed or wanted to try. Perhaps, joining a book club or a local volleyball team is the therapy you need right now.

Get Out

Don’t stay home. Go for a walk. Meet with friends. Get an office job. Don’t stay locked in-between four walls.

Even if the nature of your home town is rather unimaginative, it is still miles better than staring at the old wallpaper.

Even if your office job is not exactly exciting, at least it will get your mind off your insatiable traveling desire.

It is important to be careful with friends though. If they’ve recently gone on some inspiring trip, perhaps it’s better that you stay away from them or ask them not to touch upon this topic. Otherwise, you may spend the day crying on the pillow.

Look for Close Sights

You may not be able to go to another part of the world right now, but there is bound to be something amazing left to visit in the vicinity. Even if it does not possess the grandeur of Versailles and the crystalline beauty of the Thai beaches, you might be able to satiate your travel bug for some time.

Besides, if you go not alone, your friends can help you get distracted from your depressive thoughts. It is not about sights actually, but about experience after all.

So, opt for local attractions just in order to quench your thirst for traveling.


Exercising helps release endorphins. These are the happy hormones, which you lack due to the lack of traveling. Sports can help alleviate the pain at least temporarily and distract you from your negative thoughts. Besides, it can prepare you for the next vacation!

Avoid Travel Blogs

It might be a good idea to shut down your traveling website for a while, especially if you’ve got a long time to wait before your next trip. This way you will not be plagued by a deluge of marvelous images, which will do nothing but bring you down and make you cry.

Staying home, going to work, doing everyday chores can be painful for those true travel enthusiasts. However, most of us cannot get away from them. Even after the longest and most fascinating trip we are forced go home and get back to the grind.

But do no despair. Work hard and find consolation in friends, family and outdoor activities. Sooner or later, you will collect enough money to get yet another ticket. And then the pain will be gone.