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The average US hotel room costs $141 per night. That adds up fast if you’re staying for several nights.

Let’s look at how to save money on hotels with a few simple tips.

Be Flexible With Your Dates

Hotels cost more during peak season and when there are special events happening. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you can often find lower prices.

Seasonal peaks are usually obvious but spend some time on the web to find local events. You’ll often see hotel prices spike around concerts, games, and other popular activities.

Choose the Right Location

If you’re traveling somewhere like Disneyland, look for a hotel a little farther away from the park. They usually have free shuttles to get you back and forth and the prices are lower than the hotels in the immediate area.

Be Loyal to a Hotel Chain

If you travel a lot, stay with the same hotel chain as much as possible. You’ll often get loyalty discounts or room upgrades. Be sure to ask if these bonuses are available when you book.

Bundle With Other Bookings

When you book your hotel through a website like Expedia.com, you’ll usually get a better deal when you bundle it with airfare, a rental car, and other things to do like tickets to local attractions.

Consider Hotel Alternatives

Airbnb is the best-known hotel alternative but you have other options too. Check Craigslist for the area you’re traveling to and see what kind of vacation rentals are available. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling with a large group and can rent an entire house.

How to Save Money on Hotels With Rewards Programs

Many hotels offer rewards programs that let you redeem points for room bookings. They’re often connected to a credit card and you can earn points on everything you buy with it. Use the travel savings card for all your day-to-day purchases to earn points as quickly as possible.

Book Directly With the Hotel

There are a ton of hotel booking websites but you often get the best deal from the hotel itself. Save on resorts and hotels by checking their website or better yet, call the hotel to check prices. When you call, ask if they have any special offers such as AAA or senior discounts.

Book on Your Arrival Day

If you aren’t particular about where you stay, you’ll often save quite a bit by booking on the day you’re going to arrive. Hotels discount their rooms at the last minute since it’s better to book it for less money than not at all. Check websites like Hotel Tonight for last-minute deals.

Bring Your Own Wireless Router

Some hotels charge you for each device you connect to their WiFi network. If you have a phone and a laptop or several people in the room who each have their own device, this adds up fast. To save money, bring your own wireless router so you can pay for one connection and share it with several people.

Mix and Match to Save Even More

Most of these tips for how to save money on hotels can work together so don’t limit yourself to just one. For example, you could save even more by booking on your day of arrival at a hotel slightly further from your destination and bringing your own wireless router.

Make it a game to see if you can get a better discount every time you travel.

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