Writing a dissertation is particularly complicated first of all because you have no experience in doing it. They say that term papers and research papers should have prepared you to a thesis writing, but it is far from the truth. The dissertation itself, abstract, dissertation proposal are hard to cope with, and there is nothing wrong in looking for some timely and efficient help online. However, as any conscious person, you would like this experience to be safe and confidential, and you don’t want to be charged an arm and a leg. To help you out in this situation we have prepared some tips which you can use to choose the proper dissertation writing assistant. There are several groups of academic writing helpers you can address:

    The first group. Single authors. You can find them in different forums and by the online adverts, for example, in Facebook. Also similar announcements can be found on the forums of educational sites. True, the search is difficult enough because many authors simply “hammer” the place, creating an incredible number of topics with the offer of their services for writing works to order. As a result, you get a huge list, you can dig for hours. We don’t recommend this way because unless someone recommends you a particular writer, it is very difficult to check the credibility of the newly found one.

    The second group. Academic writing companies online. It is easy to find a site that offers services in writing abstracts, courseworks and dissertations to order. However, it is rather hard to choose the most suitable among them. Pay attention to advertisements placed in the search engines. If the firm (site) pays for advertising, if it is in top, its services are in demand. Although this point can also be argued. We will provide you with a set of tips on how to choose the most suitable and reliable company which can write a dissertation for you within the deadline you need.

#1. Pay Attention to the Website

It should be modern and logically constructed. You should not stumble upon not-working pages all the time, and the design should be user-friendly. We don’t mean that you should order dissertation only from some fancy looking writing website, make sure the one you choose doesn’t look like “back to 2000”. Too fancy websites are rather expensive to create and to maintain, so you should understand that those costs are included in the final price of the paper. Choose neat, simple, pure, modern sites.

#2. Pricing Policy Should be Transparent

It is by far the most defining point which you should pay the utmost attention to. The price of the paper should be estimated and announced from the very beginning. Many agencies do as follows: you order a paper, pay a particular some, receive a final draft in the pdf and later, to receive the doc., support managers ask you to pay more, for example, saying that a writer had to use some paid database. Many students are forced to pay by the circumstances – the deadline for the submission is too close to refuse and demand money back. Discuss the transparency of prices with the support team manager before you pay for the assignment. The good sign of the transparency is the price calculator which is available even without contacting a support team. You state your year of education, deadline, number of pages and receive a preliminary price. Be ready that the final price stated by the support team manager will be 10-15% more, it also depends on the discipline and some extra characteristics.

#3. Progressive Delivery Option

It is an essential option for those who want to order a dissertation or any other extended paper. Using this option, you can pay for the assignment in installments and receive it part by part. This way you can plan your budget much more efficient and also control the writer working on your dissertation. Reliable academic writing agencies REQUIRE using the progressive delivery option when it comes to dissertations. It is only logical because they are also interested in you confirming each written part and not having complains and revision requests later.

#4. Check the Guarantees Provided

Pay attention to the standard set of guarantees which should be provided by each and every dissertation writing service. The first one is a Confidentiality Guarantee. This guarantee means that all the transactions are secured, and any information you have shared with the writing agency will never be disclosed to the third parties. The second one is a Money Back Guarantee. All academic writing services provide students with a Free Revision Guarantee, but only the most reliable ones offer a Money Back option. You can use it if the quality of the final draft is far from the promised and your instructions were not followed.